Congrazzles to Busterlef

i would like to congradulate our newest staff memeber: Busterlef.



Yayyyy!!! :smiley: ^-^ :smiley:


Congrats buster! I envy you :slight_smile:

Re: Nice job Busterly :stuck_out_tongue:

?? Thank you…? Lol
I think you mean Buster not prilly :stuck_out_tongue:

Twas an excellent application and we have known/trusted Buster for a long time. Welcome to the team! Now those griefers are not gonna ban themselves. Get to work!


Good job buster! We knew this day would come and we’re proud of you. And those griefers really aren’t going to ban themselves. Go on. Whaddya doing still reading this post? Get to WORK!


yu so epic dude im ROFL atm.