Congratumalations Sacred!!!

So we voted and now we has another sop! Sacreddeathflame!

Welcome to the team :slight_smile:

I would do some fancy texts and stuffs but I’m typing this on my phone… Feel free to add it in anyone :stuck_out_tongue:

Already made a congrats thread… But this works too. XD

Huh, didn’t see it


added col txt fects lol

Congratulations Sacred :DDD

Called it! I knew you deserved it!

Congrazzles!! U deserve it :smiley:

Sacred has been here for ages, he defo deserves it.

Congratz Sacred, you deserve it! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, this really means a lot to me and there’s no end to the joy that’s been given to me. Thanks so much for letting me become a SOP, I really do appreciate it and I’m honored to have it. I want to say so much more, but my mind isn’t letting me XD

crowd Speech! Speech! Speech!Speech!

Nice one m80

WHAT!? I didn’t even get to vote!! :frowning: Now I’m bummed.

CONGRATS SAC!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Congrats Sacred!

Congrats, Sacred. You definitely deserve it. ;D

Congrats! ;D