Congratulations to our new SOP!

As some of you may have already noticed in-game or on the forums, Shadowmeire628 has been promoted to SOP!

Congratulations are in order, as this is a rare occurrence!

Congrats! :slight_smile:

Congrats shadow! :slight_smile: 'tis an honour

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped me out, especially with my crap at home. This really is the highest honour that i could possibly gain. I had goosebumps last night when I saw that my application was approved.

Honestly there is nothing more to say than Thank You so very Much, but i know that won’t suffice.

All i know is it will be nice to have a SOP to represent the East Coast area, so that i can help people in this region more readily, as opposed to the Californians, Aussies, and the Brits =P

Congrats Shad. I believe that time was well past of promotion to Senior Operator. I am glad to hear that it was you that was promoted, as I believe that you were the most-fitting Operator for the job.


It is suprising to hear you say that, as I’ve also said to the other SOPs and Admins that if there was to be a double promotion of SOPs that i believed you to be the candidate who fit the bill the most. We must have some hellacious respect for each other XD

Ya know, I was kindof hoping for a double, but, I’m happy to be where I am. But it wasn’t me that applied, it was you.

Well, thank you a ton John. I was actually anticipating you to be a bit ticked about it. Its glad to hear you are not, as that thought has been pressed in my mind for a while now

You’re welcome.

Congrats shadow!

Yayy Shad! Gratz! East Coast represent! 8)

Congratulations! I saw the app in the staff apps, and was hoping you would get in!

Congratulations! ;D

Grats. Quite deserving.

I miss to many things while away…

Even though i dont know you as well as the others, So i dont know how deserving you are of it but Congrats!!

(im sure you are more than deserving though!)

#shadow4Admin 2014

lol.i have no desire to usurp Liam or the others for Admin. im quite comfy being sop. thanks again to everyone =3

Holy poop. It seems whenever I go on holiday to the USA someone gets promoted. Although the last time I went to the USA, it was me that got SOp. xD


I’m in the USA right now ;)))))))))))

where did you guys visit this time?