Hello, my name is themonster01. I think that the Staff hands out too much power. I beilieve that everyone should get equal power. Thank you for voting.

Wut? I’m supposed to be gone and shizzle, but come on man. Staff get power to stop griefers. If everyone could ban and kick this server would be ded.

If you’re asking if powers are abused by all ranks, the answer is yes. However, the power given to people that moderate the server is mostly used to right wrongs. Btw, asking the people that have the power to remove it from themselves, isn’t going to happen.

Well said

And the winner of the biggest idiot of the year award is…

You are COMPLAINING that staff have more power than you…

Of course we have more power than you, we’re staff

[glow=red,2,300]staff have power to stop griefers, if no-one had the power to ban etc, griefers would not be stopped. If everyone had the power to ban etc, can you imagine the chaos?
You sir do not know what you are talking about.[/glow]
I would suggest you very quickly learn to accept the fact that some people need power over others, for example teachers, parents, the police, imagine in everyone had the power to do anything, imagine what the world would be like, I bet that there’s someone in the world who would like to see something happen to you and your family, well, if they had the power to do so, and no-one had the power to stop them, you’d be in a bad position

if this is too long, at least read the highlighted text :slight_smile:


edit: OPs and SOPs [size=36pt]ARE the staff, you’re lack of knowledge is very frustrating

also, read my signature, I think it describes you very well; wanting more power

Alright. Let me break this down for ya.

Donators pay for their perks.These players literally keep this server alive. Without them, we would not even have a pcb. We need incentives To make donating seem ever so much more glorious. Thank a donator today. :wink:

Staff are the ones who keep this server running smoothly. We need these perks in order to prevent this server from becoming griefed, hacked, and DDOSed. Every perk we have is necessary to the safety of this server. Imagine if all staff could do was just ban and kick. If you got griefed, we would be able to do nothing about it. Staff perks are not to benefit the staff member, but to benefit the community. We don’t apply for staff for the perks or the power. We apply to help the server and the community.

I don’t know how to respond quite honestly to this. If everyone had the ability to kick and ban people then everyone would leave pcb. And like Koala said, without donators then pcb wouldn’t be up. It takes money to keep a minecraft server like this up and donations are nice to get, and by donating and supporting u get perks. It’s the least we could do.

If everyone had equal power of kicks and bans then it would be World War 3. So yeah, idk why u felt the need to make a forum post about this.

why are you guys arguing with a troller? you are literally argueing with someone with the IQ of a baby carrot, and he hasn’t responded, and isn’t going to…

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