Completely Stuck

So for the past few days Ive been trying to figure out a way to retrieve my lost inventory from Anu’s Castle. (The Realm included in the fossils mod, This realm allows you to place blocks, but not break any until the boss is dead. This needs to be changed, with the way the server is set up it really makes it impossible to get your items back if you die without glitching the game). After losing most of my inventory and the item needed for spawning the boss in the first place in an unbreakable grave in my first few trips there, I found a way to get the graves back by loading them in cardboard boxes and carrying them with a portal gun back into the nether where I could open them.

Long story short, after losing my power armor, two portal guns, and everything else in my inventory to graves that decided not to spawn, I ended up in this mess. Stuck in the spawn room, with my own unbreakable grave blocking the door.
Afaik I’m pretty much stuck in here

Please send help :frowning:

WTF I thought you were dead.