Completely Random Quotes

I keep posting random quotes on the server, but I never have enough room to put the entire thing on. So I’m putting it all here! Try to guess what the heck I’m getting at here…

I'm exposed, I'm broken, I'm rusted, I'm crumbled, Even the fake rumors that are going around, eventualy became the truth.... Even if it's a lie, I don't care, 'We' are always right, I will take your sinful corruption and crush it! ...What is "good" and what is "evil.." I Don't know anymore, come let's go insane! There's no way I can forgive this unstoppable feeling, this pain, this hate, I will pierce it and shoot your heart! It's so painful, it's so sad, it's so meaningless, I want to erase it. but even that isn't allowed. Only giving up will save me... But it's OK, I don't care, I will forgive it, I will approve of it, Even the smiles, even the jealousy, I could almost insanely fall in love with it. "good" is fine, "evil" is fine, let's do *, let's fall asleep... No more, I'm tired, will we be saved?
Those actions keep you dry inside. You can't tolerate it. You act more like a beast than a human. A beast that can react to stimuli named "humans," The crash between your jealousy and hate. You cause the destruction of your place. That by hypocrisy covered with malice is nothing but a beast's meaningless ramblings. That kind of species is no longer "human." It does nothing but howl around based on its instincts. XX and XX crushing each other. Anti-psychology. Just malice that corners its pray. They don't realize that they're shaming themselves. Bunch of critics who want to show off their useless knowledge. They make their identity by laughing at others. The people who stay as a beast, and the people who try to be "humans..." Which will you choose?