Community Vote: Political Debates on Public Chat

In recent times we have received complaints from both users and staff regarding political discussion and debate in the server’s in-game public chat. In light of this news; we the staff team have decided that the best way forward is to put this to a community vote:

‘Should discussions and debates be moved AWAY from the public in-game chat on Project City Build to another outlet?’

This does not mean we will ban political discussion outright, but rather simply move it to its own space away from public chat.
It also does not mean that you can’t make a political joke or one liner, however if it turns into a discussion the expectation is that the conversation would be moved to another chat.

Whatever you decide to vote for will be anonymous, so vote for what you feel comfortable with.

  • MOVE Political Debates from In-Game Public Chat
  • KEEP Political Debates on In-Game Public Chat

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-PCB Staff

I would just like to propose something! I believe we should perhaps hold a third poll option that says that discussions can remain, however debates can be moved to a new PCB debate channel.

Expanding from a one-liner or a joke to just a small talk/a neutral discussion rather than a long debate is what I’m trying to express here; something like “Oh did you hear about in this country?” “No what happened?” “”, and then we can say we’re really just referring to large debates where people begin to take sides, I just feel discussions can remain because they’re relatively neutral and unharmful. Discussion can remain, however if it gets too out of hand and turns into a debate, we’ll just ask the party to move to #debates.

That’s just my take on that! Let me know if you agree or have another idea below!


It seems like 95% of the time, heated discussions i.e. debates cause arguments in the chat. While players who aren’t even involved are just trying to play Minecraft they have to read people arguing about life. I personally play games to escape real life and the current shipwreck of politics in the world we live in. I opt to move it.


Leading on from Shrimp, as interesting and eye-opening this topic might be. Politics brings many many different opinions and beliefs, which for the most part is amazing to try and understand and or learn from. However there are cons, the main one being: a clash of adamant opinions… Not that there is anything wrong with each’s judgement, if that is what they believe that’s okay, right or wrong; We can listen, learn and develop. Just take a stand before an argument/long debate occurs & as Matt said to perhaps move it to #debates.

Just wanted to share my thoughts! Stay safe <3


While keeping the tone of the topic, it’s important that if something possibly related to politics happens (example: my local area during recent riots), it can be discussed. It is also important to know that opinions tend to clash within political topics. However, the line needs to be drawn on shambolically twisted, argument-triggering opinions; it’s important that while we talk about politics, we do not just throw out our opinion in such aggressive, triggering tones and wording that can spark arguments.

However, knowing how these arguments have sparked, and with political discussions being more intense than before, I vote to move such political debates from in-game chat.

Anymore takers? Speak now.