Commands are listed below, along with parameters and descriptions.
Commands all have either a ‘/’ or a ‘!’ in front of them, dosnt matter which one.

* abort (shortcut = a) [Builder+] - Cancels every personal self-set toggle or block-action (e.g., /water, /cuboid, /paint).
      o Also stops any ongoing megaboid.
      o Does NOT stop fly. 
* about (shortcut = b) [Guest+] - Shows the details of the block selected.
      o Also shows the last several players who created or destroyed the block and when. 
* afk <message> [Guest+] - Toggle: adds self to the AFK list with an optional <message>.
* ban [#/@] <player> [OP+] - Bans <player> without kicking them.
      o /ban # <player> stealth bans.
      o /ban @ <player> total-bans (undoes and IP bans). 
* banip <ip/player> (shortcut = bi) [OP+] - Bans <ip> or the IP of <player>.
      o Must have @ before the player's name to IP ban. 
* bind <block1> <block2> [Advbuilder+] - Binds <block1> to <block2>.
      o "/bind clear" clears all bound blocks.
      o Cuboids and similar will use <block2>, if there is a block bound. 
* blocks [Guest+] - Lists all basic block types.
      o "/blocks all [0-4]" shows every block type, divided into pages.
      o "/blocks <basic block>" will list all complex blocks that look like <basic block>.
      o "/blocks <complex block>" gives information regarding <complex block>.
      o "/blocks <rank>" tells all blocks <rank> is allowed to use.
      o "/blocks count <block>" displays total number of <block> on the current map. 
* blockset <block> <rank> [OP+] - Sets the <rank> allowed to build <block>.
* botadd <bot> [SuperOP] - Adds <bot> of the name specified.
      o Bots that share a name with a player will have that player's skin. 
* botai [add/del] <AIname> <extra> (shortcut = bai) [Advbuilder+] - Adds or deletes <AIname>.
      o Using [add] on an existing AI will append the next instruction.
      o "/botai del last" will remove last action added.
      o <extra> includes:
            + walk - Bot walks to current coordinates (default).
            + teleport - Bot will teleport to set location after completing current action.
            + wait [time] - Bot will wait.
            + nod [time] [speed] - Bot will nod.
            + spin [time] [speed] - Bot will spin.
            + reset - Resets bot to original position.
            + remove - Removes bot after finishing previous action.
            + reverse - Bot will go backwards.
            + jump - Bot jumps at location. - ALPHA
            + linkscript - Uses an existing script as next parameter.
            + speed - Sets bot speed for next waypoint. - ALPHA
                  # [time] is measured in 0.1 seconds.
                  # [speed] is set as a percentage of normal speed. 
* botremove <bot> [SuperOP] - Removes <bot>.
      o "/botremove all" will remove all bots."
      o Specified bot(s) must be on the same level as you. 
* bots [Builder+] - Lists all bots, their AIs, and current levels.
* botset <bot> <script> [Advbuilder+] - Sets <bot> to perform <script>.
      o Bots spin in place when not moving.
      o "/botset <bot>" with no script will remove current script(s).
      o Premade scripts: "hunt" and "kill", which tells <bot> to hunt (chase) a nearby player and kill users it's near. 
* botsummon <bot> [SuperOP] - Summons <bot> to the current spot.
      o Specified <bot> must be on the same level as you. 
* clearblockchanges <mapname> (shortcut = cbc) [SperOP] - Clears the MySQL table for <mapname>, making /about much faster for that map. Default is current map.
* click <x> <y> <z> (shortcut = x) [Guest+] - Simulates a click at the coordinates given.
      o If no value is assigned to any of he coordinates, the last used will be used.
            + Example: "/click 123 24 z" will click at (123, 24, [last z value clicked]).
            + If click has not yet been used, x, y, and z will default to 0. 
* clones <player> [Advbuilder+] - Shows everyone on the same IP address as <player>. Default is for self.
      o Searches the Player Database for everyone matching. 
* cmdbind <command> [0-9] (shortcut = cb) [Builder+] - Binds <command> to the number.
      o Bound commands can be used with /[0-9].
      o Accepts extra parameters.
            + example: "/cmdbind cuboid wood 1" => "/1" = "/cuboid wood" => "/1 walls" = "/cuboid wood walls". 
      o "/cmdbind [0-9]" shows stored command.
      o "/cmdbind" alone lists all stored commands. 
* cmdcreate <command> [SuperOP] - Creates a custom command file "Cmd<command>.cs" in the "extra\commands\source" folder. From there the file may be edited.
      o The file must be edited with a text editor or other program.
      o After editing, compile the file with the "/compile" command. 
* cmdload cmd<command> [Nobody] - Loads custom command file "Cmd<command>.dll" in the "extra\commands\dll" folder.
      o Once loaded, the custom <command> will work like any other (e.g., /<command>, /help <command>, /cmdset <command>). 
* cmdset <command> <rank> [SuperOP] - Sets the <rank> allowed to use <command>.
* cmdunload <command> [Nobody] - Unloads the custom <command>.
      o The command is not deleted, merely disabled. 
* compile cmd<command> [SuperOP] - Compiles the custom command file "Cmd<command>.cs" from the "source" folder to create "Cmd<command>.dll" in the "dll" folder.
      o After compiling, load the file into the server with the "/cmdload" command. 
* color <player> <color> [OP+] - Changes the color <player>'s name and title.
      o Colors include black, navy, green, teal, maroon, purple, gold, silver, gray, blue, lime, aqua, red, pink, yellow, and white.
      o "/color <player>" will remove that player's custom color. 
* copy [@] (shortcut = c) [Advbuilder+] - Copies the selected area between two points (except air).
      o "/copy [@] cut" will cut the object you wish to copy.
      o "/copy [@] air" will copy the air in the area given, as well as any objects there.
      o "/copy [@] ignore <block1> <block2>...etc" will ignore any blocks listed when copying (air is ignored by default).
      o Using the @ tag gives a third point from which to paste relative to the object copied.
            + In other words, a cube selected from opposite corners will normally be pasted relative to the first corner. Using @ allows any point to be used as reference for the paste. 
* ctf <setup> [SuperOP] - Begins, ends, or sets up a game of capture the flag.
      o <setup> incldes:
            + (default) - begins a game based on settings, or ends if one is in progress.
            + team create <color> - initializes a team with that <color>.
            + team add <player> <color> - adds <player> to the <color> team.
            + team remove <player> - removes <player> from their team.
            + flag <color> - allows placement of the <color> team's flag.
            + spawn <color> - allows placement of the <color> team's spawn.
                  # If no spawn is set, players will go to the map's default spawn upon death. 
            + points [1-2147483647] - sets number of points required for victory.
            + clear - removes all CTF data. 
      o Team <color> may be red, blue, green, yellow, purple, gray, or white.
      o Up to seven teams may play at once, one for each color.
      o Games are independent of level, so multiple games may be hosted simultaneously on a single server.
      o Source and more detailed information. 
* cuboid <block> <type> (shortcut = z) [Builder+] - Cuboids the area between two points.
      o Default <block> is the one currently selected.
      o <type> includes:
            + solid (default) - a solid block.
            + hollow - outer shell of the block
            + walls - like shell, but no ceiling or floors
            + holes - a checkered pattern
            + wire - a wireframe of the area
            + random - randomly fills in area 
* delete (shortcut = d) [Advbuilde+] - Toggle: deletes any special block clicked (MBs, portals, tnt, etc).
* deletelvl <mapname> [SuperOP] - Deletes the level specified, also deleting the database entries for the level.
      o A backup of the deleted map will be stored in the "levels\deleted" folder. 
* devs [Banned+] - Shows the list of MCLawl developers.
* emote (shortcut = <3) [Banned+] - Toggles whether or not emoticons are shown for the player using it.
      o This setting is saved for the player.
      o Emotes are still shown when encased in parentheses.
      o Check out the emote list here. 
* fill <block> <type> (shortcut = f) [Advbuilder+] - Replaces blocks of the same type that are touching clicked block with <block>.
      o Default <block> is the one currently selected.
      o <type> includes:
            + (default) - all blocks.
            + up - all blocks at the same horizontal layer and above.
            + down - all blocks at the same horizontal layer and below.
            + layer - all blocks at the same horizontal layer.
            + vertical_x - all blocks in the same x-coordinate vertical layer.
            + vertical_z - all blocks in the same z-coordinate vertical layer. 
      o Imagine Flood fill. 
* fixgrass <type> [SuperOP] - Fixes dirt and grass based on <type>.
      o <type> includes:
            + (default) - all grass with opaque blocks on top become dirt, and all dirt with transparent blocks on top become grass.
            + light - only dirt in sunlight become grass.
            + grass - only grass with opaque blocks on to become dirt.
            + dirt - only dirt with transparent blocks on top become grass. 
      o Blocks that are considered transparent include leaves, glass, air, and their corresponding complex blocks. 
* flipheads [OP+] - Toggle: flips all players' heads into their bodies. A gag.
* fly [Guest+] - Toggle: enables flying by placing a 5x5x2 glass block beneath player's feet, which moves to follow the player.
      o The glass block is invisible and intangible to other players.
      o It will only appear in place of regular air, and does not affect any blocks. 
* follow [#] <player> [OP+] - Toggle: hides, then follows <player>. Appears jittery, unless fly is on. Then it works fine.
      o Typing # will follow without hiding. 
* freeze <player> [OP+] - Toggle: freezes <player> so they cannot move. Appears jittery, but does the job.
* give <player> <amount> (shortcut = gib) [SuperOP] - Gives <player> <amount> of money.
* goto <mapname>(shortcut = g) [Guest+] - Goes to the specified map.
      o Map must be loaded unless the "Load on /goto" setting is enabled. 
* gun <type> [Advbuilder+] - Toggle: makes a 4x4x4 glass targeting cube for firing a gun and killing players.
      o <type> includes:
            + destroy (default) - fires a bullet.
            + explode - fires a bullet that explodes on contact.
            + laser - fires a beam that explodes.
            + tp - fires a bullet that does not kill, but rather teleports self to impact location. 
      o The aiming cube follows the player's sight and is invisible and intangible to other players.
      o It will only appear in the place of normal air, and does not affect normal blocks.
      o Explosions only occur on physics 3 or 4, but the bullet/beam is always fatal. 
* hacks [Banned+] - WIN MINECRAFT.
* hasirc (shortcut = irc) [Banned+] - Tells whether the server has IRC active. If so, the server and channel are given.
* help <type> [Banned+] - Lists commands in a structured manner.
      o <type> includes:
            + ranks - Lists all ranks with their colors and command limits.
            + build - Lists all Building commands.
            + mod - Lists all Moderation commands.
            + information - Lists all Information commands.
            + other - Lists all other commands.
            + short - Lists all shortcuts.
            + old - Uses the old format for Help. 
      o "/help <command> - Gives detail on <command> and tells the rank required to use it.
      o "/help <block> - Tells what <block> appears as and the rank needed to place it. 
* hide [OP+] - Toggle: hides the user from the players.
      o Only SuperOPs may teleport to a hidden player. 
* highlight <player> <time> [Advbuilder+] - Highlights blocks edited by <player> for the last <time> seconds.
      o Default <player> is self, default <time> is 5 minutes.
      o Destroyed blocks show in red, created in green.
      o "/highlight <player> 0" will highlight for the last 90 minutes.
      o To disable highlight viewing, type "/reveal". 
* hollow <block> [Builder+] - Removes all blocks except liquids and <block> (if given) as well as blocks immediately next to them, so they will not flood.
* host (shortcut = zall) [Banned+] - Shows what the host is doing (if they update it).
* imageprint <type> [layer] <file> (shortcut = i) [SuperOP] - Prints file as pixel art.
      o Each pixel in the image file represents a single block, so higher resolution means larger image.
      o <type> includes:
            + 1 (default) - 2-layer color image.
            + 2 - 1-layer color image.
            + 3 - 2-layer grayscale image.
            + 4 - 1-layer grayscale image.
            + 5 - 1-layer black and white image.
            + 6 - 1-layer mathematical grayscale image. 
      o [layer] or [l] will print the image horizontally.
      o The <file> may be accessed the following ways:
            + It may be a local file in the "extra\images" folder.
                  # The image must be .bmp filetype.
                  # It is accessed using its name without the extension (caps are ignored). 
            + It may be a file hosted on
                  # The image may be .gif, .png, .jpg, or .bmp filetypes.
                  # .png and .gif may use transparency.
                  # It is accessed using the xxxxx portion of its address: (caps are counted).
                  # example: aFxox for 
            + It may be a file anywhere else on the internet.
                  # Filetypes are the same as for imgur.
                  # It is accessed using its full address: (caps are counted).
                  # The prefixes "http://" and "www." are unnecessary. 
* inbox [Guest+] - Displays a list of all your mail.
      o "/inbox [num]" displays the mail in [num].
      o "/inbox del [num/all]" deletes the mail at [num] or [all] of it. 
* info [Banned+] - Gives server-specific information on the version.
      o Will also show uptime and whether lowlag is on or not. 
* invincible <player> [OP+] - Toggle: makes <player> invincible to killer blocks.
      o Defaults to self. 
* jail <player> [OP+] - Jails <player>, who can then not build or use commands.
      o "/jail" by itself will set the spawn point for the jail, where users are sent when jailed. 
* joker [#] <player> [OP+] - Causes the player to become a joker, making them say silly things.
      o OP+ can see the original intended message too.
      o The # tag silently sets <player> to become a joker. 
* kick <player> <message> (shortcut = k) [Advbuilder+ - Kicks <player> from the server and displays <message>, if any.
* kickban <player> <message> (shortcut = kb) [OP+] - Kicks and bans <player> in one go and displays <message>, if any.
* kill <player> [explode] <message> [OP+] - Kills <player> and displays <message>, if any.
      o [explode] toggles explosion on death. Only occurs on physics 2 or higher.
      o If used on an immortal player, there will be no effect. 
* lastcmd <player> (shortcut = last) [OP+] - Shows the last command used by <player>.
      o Default is ALL players. 
* levels [Guest+] - Shows a list of loaded levels and their physics levels, but not unloaded ones.
* limit <rank> <limit> [SuperOP] - Sets <rank>'s building command to <limit>.
      o "/limit rp <limit>" changes the <limit> for rp finite
      o "/limit rpnorm <limit>" changes the limit for rp 
* line <num> <block> [wall] [Builder+] - Draw a line between the two specified points.
      o <num> determines the length of the line. Default is from end to end.
      o <block> determines block type used. Default is currently selected.
      o <wall> determines if it is a diagonl wall (similar to a cuboid). 
* load <mapname> [1-4] [OP+] - Loads <mapname> with given physics level.
      o Will unload an empty map if every open space is used 
* lowlag [OP+] - Toggle: activates low-lag mode.
      o Player positions are only updated every 10 seconds, keeping the upload rate of the server at a constant, rather than fluctuating.
      o Maps are also loaded much slower during lowlag mode. 
* map <type> [Guest+] - Views all the map information for the current map.
      o Advbuilder- may only view the data.
      o OP+ may modify <type>:
            + theme <message> - sets what theme the map follows (useless right now).
            + finite - toggle: determines whether all flowing blocks on the map acts like finite_water.
            + ai - toggle: determines whether or not animals chase/kill players.
            + edge - toggle: determines whether or not the water at the edge of th map will flow or not.
            + ps [10-2147483647] - determines how fast physics updates (standard = 250) (lower = faster, higher = slower).
            + overload [500-2147483647] - determines how many updates are needed for physics to shutdown (standard = 1500).
            + motd <message> - sets the MOTD for the map, which users will vie when entering.
            + death - toggle: determines whether or not falling to your death and drowning in water are possible.
            + fall [-2147483648-2147483647] - determines how far one must fall to die.
            + drown [-214748363-214748363] - determines how long one can stay in water or lava before dying.
            + unload - toggle: determines whether the map will unload when "Load on /goto" is enabled
            + rp - toggle: determines whether certain blocks are re-activated when physics are turned on (like zombies and birds).
            + instant - toggle: makes every block change "instant" by not updating player's screens. The player must use /reveal to see changes made.
            + killer - toggle: basically a map-wide invincibility.
            + chat - toggle: determines if level only chat is on. 
* mapinfo <mapname> (shortcut = status) [Banned+] - Displays <mapname>, its dimensions, physics level, build and visit ranks, and time of last backup.
      o Default is current map. 
* me <message> [Banned+] - Shows yourself as doing an action for roleplay purposes.
* measure <block> [Guest+] - Lists the number of blocks between two points, ignoring all <block>, if given.
* megaboid <block> <type> (shortcut = zm) [OP+] - A much slower cuboid with a block limit of 450,000.
      o "/abort" will cancel a megaboid.
      o Default <block> is the one currently selected.
      o <type> includes:
            + solid (default) - a solid block.
            + hollow - outer shell of the block
            + walls - like shell, but no ceiling or floors 
      o Although the /help for megaboid lists holes for a possible <type>, this is an error. 
* mb <block> <message> [Advbuilder+] - Creates message blocks that the user may click or walkthrough.
      o <block> includes white (default), black, air, water, and lava"
      o As with all text input, adding a > character to the end of a line will extend the message for another line.
      o "/mb show" will show or hide all the Message blocks on the map. 
* missile <type> [Advbuilder+] - Makes a 4x4x4 targeting cube for firing missiles and killing players.
      o <type> includes:
            + destroy (default) - fires a missile.
            + explode - fires a missile that explodes on contact. 
      o The aiming cube follows the player's sight and is invisible and intangible to other players.
      o It will only appear in the place of normal air, and does not affect normal blocks.
      o Explosions only occur on physics 3 or 4, but the missile is always fatal.
      o Differs from /gun in that the missile is guided by the player's line of sight. 
* mode <block> [Guest+] - Activates the "mode" for <block>, making all blocks placed to be <block>.
      o Can be shortened to just "/<block>", and will still be used.
      o "/solid" (OP+) will turn every block placed into Adminium.
      o Most special block types are restricted to certain ranks.
      o For a list of all block types, go here. 
* moderate [OP+] - Mutes all players. Only those who are "/voice"-ed may speak.
* move <x> <y> <z> [Banned+] - Moves self to the given coordinates.
      o "/move <player> <x> <y> <z>" [OP+] moves <player> to the given coordinates.
      o "/move <player> <mapname>" [OP+] moves <player> to <mapname>. 
* museum <mapname> <backup> [Guest+] - Moves the player to <mapname> as it was during the <backup> number entered.
      o Default <mapname> is current map, default <backup> is most recent.
      o Can be used on unloaded levels.
      o Some commands are disabled, and editing is not saved. 
* mute <player> [OP+] - Toggle: mutes <player>.
* newlvl <mapname> <x> <y> <z> <type> [SuperOP] - Create a new map.
      o x y and z should all be multiples of two: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 192, 256, 84, 512, 1024, 2048
      o Possible types: flat, island, forest, mountain, pixel, desert
      o Cactii and trees are generated properly. 
* opchat [Advbuilder+] - Makes all mesages OPchat messages.
* ops [Banned+] - Lists all the OPs of the server.
* outline <block1> <block2> [Advbuilder+] - Outlins all <block1> with <block2> ? la cuboid style.
* paint (shortcut = p) [Builder+] - Toggles paint mode, where all deleted blocks are replaced with currently selected block.
* paste (shortcut = v) [Advbuilder+] - Pastes the copied object.
      o The copied object will be pasted based on the assumption the block placed is the same point as the first block placed in "/copy". 
* pause <mapname> <seconds> [OP+] - Will pause the physics on the map entered for the amount of seconds entered, without actually clearing the physics.
* pay <player> <amount> [Banned+] - Pays <amount> of money to <player>. You must have money to pay.
* pcount [Banned+]
* perbuild <mapname> <rank> [OP+] - Changes the build <rank> for the specified map.
* pervisit <mapname> <rank> [OP+] - Changes the visit <rank> for the specified map.
* physics <mapname> <level> [OP+] - Changes the physics <level> for the specified map.
      o Levels include:
            + 1 - Normal - liquids may flow.
            + 2 - Advanced - animals/monster will move.
            + 3 - Hardcore - tnt, explosions, fireworks, ect.
            + 4 - Instant - same as Hardcore, but updates less often to reduce lag. 
* place <block> [Guest+] - Places the specified block at your feet.
      o Will place a block at highest point if outside map.
      o "/place <block> <x> <y> <z>" places a block at x/y/z. 
* players [Guest+] - Displays every connected user their rank, and their current map.
* portal (shortcut = o) [Advbuilder+] - Activates portal mode, where you place an entry block followed by an ext.
      o "/portal <blue/orange/air/water/lava>"
      o "/portal show" will show or hide all the portals on the current map, and their exits.
      o "/portal <type> multi" will allow you to place numerous entry blocks, and then place a single exit block. 
* rainbow [Advbuilder+]
* redo [Guest+] - Redoes the previously done "/undo".
* renamelvl <mapname> <newname> [SuperOP] - Renames a <mapname> completely, even renaming the databases and level properties.
* repeat [Guest+] - Repeats last command used.
* replace <block1> <block2> (shortcut = r) [Advbuiler+] - Replaces all blocks of type <block1> with <block2>.
* replaceall <block1> <block2> [SuperOP] - Replaces all blocks of type <block1> on the map with <block2>.
* replacenot <block1> <block2> (shortcut = rn) [Advbuilder+] - Exact opposite of Replace, replaces every block that isn't specified with block2.
* resetbot [OP+] - Resets the IRC bot.
* restart [SuperOP]
* restartphysics (shortcut = rp) [Advbuilder+] - Restarts the physics of every block within two points (cuboid style).
      o Used to add custom physics to objects.
      o Check Custom physics for in-depth info. 
* restore <backup number> [OP+] - Restores the ma to a previous state.
      o Using "/restore" with no number will restore the most recent save. 
* retrieve [Advbuilder+]
* reveal <player> [Advbuildr+] - Reveals the map to <player>. Works on banned players.
      o "/reveal all" reveals the map to everyone on the current level. 
* ride [Guest+] - Activates Train riding mode, which allows he user to ride on trains.
* roll <min> <max> [OP+] - Rolls a random number between <min> and <max>.
* rules [Banned+] - Lists the server rules.
      o "/rules <player>" (OP+) will display the rules for that player. 
* save [OP+] - Saves the current map to .lvl form.
      o Will also create a backup of the map. 
* say <message> [OP+] - Sends a severwide message.
* send <player> [message] [Builder+] - Sends mail to <player>.
      o Putting an ">" at the end of your message will allow you to send more than one line at once.
      o <player> should not be added on additional messages. 
* serverreport [SuperOP] - Gives a current report on computer usage for the server, and shows total threads being used.
* setrank <player> <rank> [OP+] - Changes the specified user's rank.
      o Operators cannot promote people to Operators or SuperOPs, and may not de-rank any either.
      o SuperOPs may only promote other SuperOPs in game if the toggle on the server is set to true. 
* setspawn [OP+] - Sets the spawn for the map.
* slap <player> [Advbuilder+] - Slaps <player> up to the ceiling.
* spawn [Banned+] - Teleports to the spawn point of the map.
* spheroid (shortcut = e) [Builder+] - Creates a 2D circle or 3D sphere between the two points.
      o "/spheroid <block> <solid/hollow>"
      o "/spheroid vertical" works like /circle in MCSharp, but much cleaner and with fewer issues. 
* spin [Advbuilder+] - Spins the copied object.
      o "/spin <90/180/mirror/upsidedown>" 
* stairs [Advbuilder+] - Create a spiral staircase to the height specified.
* static <command> (shortcut = t) [Advbuilder+] - Makes <command> turn into a toggle.
      o Will perform the static command, and then perform the command entered in one go
      o For example, "/static cuboid" would do multiple cuboids. 
* store [Advbuilder+]
* summon <player> (shortcut = s) [Advbuilder+] - Summons the specified user to self
      o If they are on a different map, you cannot summon them.
      o "/summon all" will summon all players on the same level to self. 
* take <player> <amount> [SuperOP] - Takes <amount> of money from <player>.
      o Cannot take more than the player has. 
* tempban <player> <time> [Builder+] -Bans <player> for <time> minutes.
* text <block> [Advbuilder+] - Creates text out of <block> in direction specified.
* time [Banned+] - Gives the current server time.
* timer <time> <message> [OP+] - Displays a message at set intervals for the given time.
* title <player> <title> [SuperOP] - Gives <player> the title of <title>.
      o Titles appear as prefixed "names" which are encased in square parenthesis [].
      o If no <title> is given, the title for that user is taken away.
      o Titles allow spaces. 
* tnt [Builder+] - Activates TNT mode, which places explodeable TNT blocks when Physics is on HARDCORE.
      o OP+ get "/tnt big" which is a bigger, more apparent explosion. 
* tp <player> [Builder+] - Teleports to the user given.
      o If they are on a different map, you will be teleported to hat map, and may sometimes need to retype /tp <player>. 
* tpzone <id> 

* tree [Builder+] - Grows a randomly sized tree on the spot clicked.
o Possible types: Cactus and Fern.
* trust [OP+] - Turns off anti-grief for .
* unban [OP+] - Unbans the given user.
o Nicknames cannot be used, only the player’s exact name.
* unbanip [OP+] - Unbans the given IP.
* undo (shortcut = u) [Guest+] - undoes the previously specified number of seconds.
o Guests are limited to 120 seconds
o "/undo " - OP+ may undo other players.
+ The last 300 players who log out can still be undone
+ If a player’s block changes go over the buffer limit it clears itself (this can lead to inability to undo massive cuboids).
+ “/undo 0” will undo up to thirty minutes of changes by .
+ “/undo all” (SuperOP) will undo all of the block changes made by since the server restart (up to 138 hours).
o "/undo physics " will undo the physics for the current map.
+ Will revert any grass that was turned to dirt back to grass.
+ If griefed areas are filled with active_water, they can still be undone (Undo will not unflood areas flooded by , but will make it easier to unflood with “/fill”).
* unload [OP+] - Unloads the specified map, moving anyone on it to Main.
o “/unload empty” unloads one empty map automatically.
* unloaded [Guest+] - Lists all unloaded levels.
* update [Advbuilder+] - Checks for new updates on the server software.
o No longer quits after first use.
* view [Banned+]
* viewranks [Guest+]
* voice [OP+] - Allows to speak during “/moderate”.
* whisper [Guest+] - Makes all messages whispers.
o “/whisper” will turn whisper mode off again.
* whoip [OP+]
* whois [Banned+] - Shows player-specific information.
o Only works if player is still online. Lists every stored stat of the player.
o OP+ will also see the User’s IP in the form:
* whowas [Banned+] - Shows who somebody who has logged out was.
o Essentially the same as “/whois”, but nicknames may not be used.
o Lists the user’s stats, so long as they have logged in at least once.
o Shows correct stats even after a server restart.
* write [OP+]
* zone [OP+] - Modifies or finds zones in an area (zones are areas which can only be modified by the group/person they’re given to, or a superOP).
o “/zone” finds any zones in the area given.
o "/zone add " adds a zone that only can build in.
o "/zone add " adds a zone that only and above can build in.
+ Zones do not ignore perbuild.
o “/zone del” deletes any zone i the area clicked.
+ “/zone del all” deletes all zones in a map (SupeOP only).

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