Command permission change?

Hello. As you may have seen, there are some…issues…with teleportation commands. I was wondering if we could have a change for those teleportation commands.

For example: /tphere would be Trusted and /tppos would be guest/member. (those are the only teleportation commands i currently know except the /tp [player1] [player2] that could end up bad.)

I am not sure a poll would be appropriate for this.

/tphere has had tons of abuse in the past with trusted and that’s why I believe its not available. Such as /tping people into lava, etc. As for the others its up in the air imo.

We just need to give members tpa or tp request

would it then be usefull if he members could also turn the tpa requests off?
sometimes i am working on a secret build project but curious ppl would just tp to me what can be kind of annoying.

Thats why you attacked me so many times…you didnt win though xD

If we use tpa:


Ive tried using that…very little has it been successful

People of higher rank should be able to bypass it, to do their duty as staff

Yes i know. but trusted have gotten through that. I wish there was a message saying “Tp is toggled on” “TP is toggled off” Just so i know.

There is a method of tping that beats the tp toggle. I won’t post it here as players will see and use it if they don’t already know it.

Sword, there is a message when you toggle it isn’t there? Or do you mean a message that comes up if you tp to someone with it toggled off?

No message. but if someone does have it on, it will say “You [cannot] tp to this person.” or something along those lines.

*“No rights to teleport to {playername}”