Command List and Server Net Worth

Today’s website update brings the much needed server command list page which can be found here:

This page can also be accessed through the links at the top (Server Info > Commands). Staff are also able to add or remove commands from this list at anytime to help with organisation.

The second update brings the Server Net Worth stats page which can be found at:
or through the link on the economy stats front page.

A player stats plugin has also been installed on the server and has been recording stats for a few days. We’re still currently testing its performance, but if all goes well, these stats will be publicly accessible through the website.

Fun fact: if the net worth of the server had come entirely from donations, we would have received $1382.02

Just pointin’ out an error.

On the total players jump from 500 -> 300,000 basically over night.

Oh also, how can we lose total player? People who delete their forum account?

Accounts are created when a player joins. Every few days if the starting balance hasn’t been touched, the account is deleted.

Actually I was wondering about that too. Glad that that’s at least not an error on my behalf :stuck_out_tongue:

Missed that bug. Thanks :slight_smile: