Colubridae's/Neil's Ban Appeal

Colubridae: (Your IGN at the time of your ban, or current IGN if you can’t remember).

I cannot say I remember.: (The date you were banned. If you can’t remember, indicate so.)

Filipingus: (The IGN of the staff member that banned you. If you don’t know or can’t remember, indicate so.)

I was banned for using a racially offensive term, pretty much with no context for no reason. I was not made aware of the fact that such language isn’t allowed.: (The ban reason given when you attempt to join the server. If you are unable to see this for whatever reason, briefly describe what led up to your ban. There should be no I don’t know for this question.)

I personally would like to be more active on PCB and help contribute to the projects that are held within said server. I’ve been told I’m a good builder and I would like to exercise that talent. Now, I’m fine with admitting to the fact that I have not been the most active member on Project City Build leading up to my ban, but I have interest in going back there and, like I stated above, contributing to the various projects within the server.: (Why you believe you should be let back on to the server. This is neither an explanation of your ban nor an excuse and apology for your actions. This is an appeal to the staff. Please be elaborate and be detailed but articulate.)

I have only been banned once, so this is my only appeal.: (A link to any previous appeals you’ve submitted. If you’ve never appealed a ban or can’t find any old appeals, indicate so.)

@Filipenis is on the road at the moment, so you may have to wait a little bit for a response – hang tight.


You came on the server and suddenly when another player joined you both started saying alot of swear words/unnecessary things in chat.

I usually don’t see this as a huge deal because me and most others do this on a normal basis on the server.

I gave you a verbal warning to stop when I had 2 other members PM me saying that you guys were making them uncomfortable etc. You continued to do it ignoring me.

Since I guess you both didn’t think I was serious, I kicked you along with the other player you were going back and forth with.

You both came back online and continued going, which pissed me off. I banned you. Normally I’d just mute you for something like that, but you acted like you obviously didn’t care and that’s what annoyed me.

You weren’t aware that racially offensive language wasn’t allowed? That should be common sense. If you’re going to say dumb shit like that keep it to private messages AT LEAST, or take it to another platform. Don’t be saying that in public chat. Come on man.

Anyway, I see no point in keeping you banned and I hope you’ve learned your lesson here.

I can’t get on the server at the moment, the earliest I’ll be able to would be tomorrow. If someone would like to unban him go for it, I’ll do it if noone has if I get on tomorrow night or in the future.

ALLOWED TO BE UNBANNED ASAP, don’t plead ignorance when something is common sense, locked.

EDIT: Ferf here – Colubridae’s been unbanned.