Colors and titles

We have been testing different colors and titles with names and different ranks, what i want to put up for discussion is a new way of identifying people and ranks.

as of now, my identification name is; [OP] fatso12321
with an aqua color, what i want for people to think about is that, everyone over guest, that is builder, adv up to super op, have their rank in their title so from
[Builder] to
[adv] to
[OP] to
[SOP], with ops+ getting to chose their color, but keeping black, white and grey reserved for normal ranks up to adv.
Was wondering what others though? =]

you sometimes cant read the black adv very well… how about that being another boring-ish colour?

The only thing I want to add to that is that Builder is far too long. I also think that it should only be adv and up that get a title. This is because we would have to name each builder. Kind of a nightmare.


If they have this title, then they can have a chosen color. We could really confuse the ranks with this (or clear them up since new players don’t know the ranks).

yea… the builder name is a bit long, but i think changing the names will be alright, just as and when they are on change it for them, over about a week that will cover most of them =]
so what do you think about the builder title, what could it be changed to?

B? xD

No change at all was my suggestion. I still believe that it would be far too much work to label the builders too. As it is, only Andy and I could change titles. I’m even inclined to only do this for OPs and SOPs only.

(Why am I still awake? Sure I was hungry, but why do I do this to myself?)

I Think Ops Should get Custom Titles.
Like titles describing us

I personaly would go with ninjaop or the fixer’upper. ass i am both of those. XD

so we could have for builder BD

yea =D, so we could have
[bd] grey/ white
[adv] black
[OP] (chosen color minus white and black)
[SOP] (chosen color minus white and black)

but im also liking this custom title thing, but the color customary thing would be cool without it.
i would want to be [FatOP] =]

I think maybe builders should not have titles, as it would be difficult to give them these titles, but adv and up could get them, if they dont already have them, then the custom titles sound an awesome idea xD

but if BD’s don’t have titles it may get confuseing understanding if there a builder of if there guest

What would be confusing? Guests and builders have different colors. We are not going to change that. Way too many of them for custom stuff.

We only have two options here to keep track of ranks.

1: We allow adv and up to have custom colors with their rank as their title (or at least in it).

2: We allow custom titles with no change in color.

This must be uniform, so it must be 1 or 2. I personally vote for #1 since different colors stand out and it makes the text log easier to follow. You could still change your title as long as your rank is still there. “Invincible OP” “Indomitable OP” “Fat OP” etc.

cool coz what liam said was not having BD title and it would be confusing but thats good to have titles ;D ;D

i vote for #1, it would make chat much easier, and you could be more unique! But i think guests should remain white, and ops could have custom titles maybe?

I’m a bit conservative in regards to this topic. While titles like [adv], [op] and [sop] are really convenient, I would prefer to see no changes for colours for lower ranks, including adv. Also, custom titles should be reserved to SOPs, and VIPs like significant donators, etc.

Otherwise, I suggest selling custom colours and titles, for like 10 bucks to each player who needs them. In that case, custom colours and titles should be available free of charge to SOPs only.

I concur. Titles were originally an incentive for donators in addition to a unique colour. With everyone running around with their own different titles and colours it:

  1. Makes it increasingly hard to keep track of ranks
  2. Completely disregards a good incentive for donations
  3. Makes things messy

Just adding my thoughts on the matter.

I will agree with Andy as well. Since it was the original intention, only OPs and SOP can have titles and colors. This way, just having a color would show that you are of admin rank.

Donators would need an indication of their status. A reserved color? or a special symbol in their title?

I feel a tad bad for those adv that have been testing it out so far. I told you not to get used to it! :-\