hi server ops!
can you guys possibly make my name orange?? i know that swordmaster has a color and i would want one too.


No, The reason he has a color, is because he is a Pro Builder.

Aww man

Oh, sorry I forgot to mention it before, but I altered the rank colors a little.

Initiate is Silver
Builder is Grey
Advbuilder is Black
Probuilder is Navy
Trainee-OP is Blue

All others are the same. I felt the color progression needed to match the ranks a bit better. Now, it goes from white to black in shades. Pro is different because of the rarity of the rank. It also is a possible transition to trainee-OP.

I don’t know about you guys, but the rank that was red really bugged me because it used to be used for admin.

Kyle how do you become the rank trusted??? Do you build?

Trusted is for SMP and CMP if im not mistaken. please correct me if im wrong and ill shut up right away. but i don’t believe it is applicable in Classic

You’re right shad.

And for god’s sake it’s COLOUR!!! Your silly American spellings really annoy me sometimes…

Lol, not much we can do about that Ruby! Just recently Special and I were discussing the proper spelling of the word “Center/Centre”. Even my spell check is telling me the second one is wrong.

i believe most americans believe it is spelled that way in England… so in order to strive for perferction we fall horribly short…

LOL, no it must america’s way, it will be color. :stuck_out_tongue: XD

Indeed, I agree.


In Communist Russia… WHO GIVE A F**K. IT’S SPELLED COLOR!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like Russia but its spelled color here in America 8)

Colour. Its more phonetic than color. col or? Doesn’t make sense to me. And its boot, path, bonnet, chips, crisps. Not trunk, sidewalk, hood, frise, chips. xD

Colour is dependant on rank, so the only way to change is to get promoted :stuck_out_tongue: (maybe we should remove staff colours again, for simplicity’s sake, and make staff colours same as in SMP/CMP?)

Is this topic turning into a what language is better completion?.. Does it matter??? Man you guys are weird.

Of course it isn’t a competition, specially since we know we’re right. :stuck_out_tongue: Besides, it’s more fun to be weird than to be plain.

Perhaps it’s not my place, but this is the Server Discussion section of the Classic Server. If you want to debate about whether color is spelled colour or color (for the record, my computer underlines colour), then by all means make a debate thread in the appropriate section.

Locking this since the thread starter’s question was answered.

Edit: Apparently people have already made a debate thread and I didn’t see it until now. My point still stands though.