Color Coding Broken?

I have recently tried to change my nickname in-game using this specific command: /nick &6&l&nAnty
AGx has seen the text, which was slightly different, but also with the &6&l type of formatting. Please respond to let me know if I have done something wrong. :-\


Try swapping the &l and &6
I think thats the way bold/cursive/etc. work

&6&l works fine. I don’t know what the exact issue is, otherwise. Maybe something relating to permissions?

I have changed your nickname myself, not sure why it didn’t work.

If you need anything don’t hesitate to ask.

Check this chart:

Only colour codes work, things like bold and italics do not.

There’s your answer right there.

Then why have I seen KingJohn have a bold name, and he has the same rank as I do…

Yeh bold and italics do work im pretty sure, or at least they do for most people…

Bold and italics work, but you aren’t able to set them yourself. For some reason, a staff member has to do it, and I believe it’s just some sort of issue with the way permissions and donator ranks are set up?

Just tell a staff member whether you want the name bolded or italicized and we can handle it for you.

Same thing happened when I tried to make someones name bold but just had to swap the order and it worked

Locking this as the issue has been resolved.

Just a bump. I had made it to where people couldn’t have bolded or italicized names, as they are difficult to read. Anyone that has them, should have the formatting removed, their color can stay, however.