College Essay Tips?

Hey guys, Fili here and I have a question for you guys. I have a college essay for my Media Literacy class that is due on Friday, and this is the real deal so…

I got some questions, not just one actually.

  • The limit is 650 words, I am assuming I should get as close to the limit as possible… Is this true?

  • People in college, not a community college, any pointers for making my essay catch the attention of admissions?

  • Finally, I am writing about my dad’s death when I was 11. This is a good topic, but I don’t know what to talk about, but I’m assuming that I should talk about how it changed me, made me better, or how it made me worse. Any suggestions?

Thanks, by the way my primary college I am interested in is University of Central Florida.

I’ll check back later but for now, peace guys!

  • Fili

650 words? That’s a dang short essay…

try writing about how you and your family felt after and how it effected your daily life in school/home and how you felt when the school counslers (if you ever had to go to one) talked about your feelings (did you feel upset or annoyed) blah blah. Idk dude. im a horrible writer.

Very helpful

Well, the 650 limit isn’t really something you have to get too close to. All that really counts is getting your point across and limiting your mistakes. It doesn’t matter if you write exactly 650 words, if you have grammar and spelling mistakes they can add up and really mess up your grade.
If you’re looking to catch someone’s attention, use words that not too many people use and use them properly. Instead of saying something simple and something everybody will use in their essay, say it in a way that makes you seem different. Basically… make sure to be original in your paper.
Also make the paper be relatable to the general audience. If you make the topic something that nobody has ever really experienced, then they will have a hard time getting into the paper and liking it.

That’s about all i can suggest :stuck_out_tongue: My english teacher has helped me out a lot since i started :smiley: Pretty much all of this is stuff he taught during class :3

Feel free to lock up the thread, it’s finished.

Thanks for all your guys’ help!

Mmk Locking then :stuck_out_tongue:

That was fast! Well, I wanted to add that you can send it to me to put it through my college’s automated Center of Writing Excellence tools. I don’t need to read what anyone writes, I can simply send you the report it gives.

Just a thought. Same thing with textbooks. Ask me while I am still in this college.