There are chickens all over the creative spawn, I’ve tried getting rid of them but there are thousands

the one day i dont bring my computer to work… >.>

I’m not 100% sure but i believe that jben39 spawned them but he is already banned for a major grief, also if he did a major grief and a major mob spam can that count for a more serious ban?

Set the cats loose!!


Nvm, i read it as see the cats loose…

Legend, what relevant information is that?

(im probably not the one to talk though)

One thing i would do is go through with a potion of splash instant damage II and splash it on them all. It hits more than one and usually gets a one hit kill. At least that is something you can do without a WE command.

Myth we have been doing that but there is just SOH MACH CHECKENS! least we get chicken. :smiley:

Set cats loose on the chickens! Then kill the cats.

Is this worse than the great Mooshroom saga in the lobby?

Well most of the chickens are dead by now but there is still enough left in the water to cause lag when near them.

Isn’t there a command like /butcher that clears the whole map of mobs? I would figure if there where any animals lost that were actually important, they could be replaced easily since it’s creative.

Btw, i was flying around killing chickens and found a crap ton of villagers spawned in the water.

Use /butcher (radius). I don’t know if you have access to that one cause it can cause damage. Using it wrong could kill all mobs across the whole map. Thus, many farmers would be quite upset.

Correction: It seems /butcher does not work on passive mobs any more. I guess it was a way to prevent the damage it used to cause to a map.

I’m killing them by hand right now.

Edit: Well, I fixed the issue with a slightly more drastic measure. I used /killall to kill all mobs in creative. It said I killed 125 mobs. Guess you guys killed most already.

This is why spawn eggs are so expensive in survival!

Didn’t think about the /killall :stuck_out_tongue: I forgot about that command. I think butcher was actually just supposed to be for hostile mobs :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think i have access to those commands though now that i think about.

as far as i know both are SOP+ commands.

Is there a way to find out who did this so we can perma-ban them from PCB. I have a high suspicion that it was jben39 but i just want to be sure. also could we find a way so this doesn’t happen again cause its quite easy for someone to spam mobs while no one is looking.

Also, eggs should be set back to member+

It does work, you just have to add a few terms
/butcher -n kills npc’s
/butcher -g kills golems
/butcher -a kills animals
/butcher -b kills ambient mobs (bats)
/butcher -f is all of the above
/butcher -l strikes each mob with lightning!

Remember to add a radius though.

EDIT: POST 888 :slight_smile: