[CMP] [Restoration] Enn River City Restoration Project

This is the main thread for the restoration project underway in Enn River City. No other threads will be posted about this project.

Enn River City [glow=red,2,300]Restoration[/glow] Project

Hello. As said in the previous upload, Enn is going to be renovated/restored for a while now. I posted this thread because there is some info that needs to be shared about the project, and there needs to be a main thread for it too. (so the staff don’t have to do the backbreaking job of merging threads, lol.) In the process of renovating and restoring, the entire downtown area (the area west of the river) will be almost completely rebuilt, as the roads (and all of the buildings) down to the ground, as they are about 8 blocks floating above ground.

Things to Do

[ul][li]Lower roads and buildings in downtown[/li]
[li]Increase width of river[/li]
[li]Destroy bridges for river[/li]
[li]Start construction of Enn Metro[/li]
[li]Flatten land to terrain (NOT COMPLETELY)[/li]
[li]Increase quality of residential district[/li]


Project Manager: YeshyYeshiam
Head Builder: YeshyYeshiam
Co- Project Manager: OPEN
Builder: zwinky12
Builder: Potato321
Builder: David9336
Builder: RJBud1
Builder: OPEN
Builder: OPEN
Builder: OPEN
Builder: OPEN


Post here if you want to sign up!


Also, in the future, try to avoid double posting. It is alright in retain situations, but your second post could have easily been added into the first post.

Hello me Zwinky12,

I am a very experienced builder. I have been told that my city has a lot of potential by many trusted and mods.

I would love to help your Restoration project

Hey Yeshy,
One word: Victoria
(Been working on it for almost 1 year now, and have let you build in it numerous times.)
I’d mostly want to just build in the city, and maybe help with the roads/street landscape.

Hello Yeshy, I would really enjoy to help you out with Enn City.
Thanks, ~RJ

Hi, im new but i’d love to help out with whatever i can!

Whats up yeshy I’m good with template builds I will do any grunt work you need done and I can fly so if that helps I will use it.

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