[CMP] Republic of Mobius

What’s the deal with all of the countries on PCB CMP these days? Well, I’ll tell you. What if, everyone got together and made the best thing ever? It could be anything, a city, a country, a company, a community, you get the point. That is the Republic of Mobius’s goal on PCB. To unite a bunch of cities together and to make the server a better place. But what is the Republic of Mobius?

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[size=24pt]THE Republic of Mobius is a group of cities on the PCB CMP map. We were founded on the previous map by player YeshyYeshiam, BryceDestroyer03 at the time. Back then, it only consisted of 3 cities, Old Enn River City, Greenswood, and Southlake. It did not have an impact on the old map, and remained silent until the new map came along. In July 2015, Orbitopolis, the first city of New Republic of Mobius, which consisted of spacecraft and space stations at y235, was founded. Later in October of that year, New Enn River City was founded, and this changed the path of Republic of Mobius. In the week following New Enn River City’s founding, 11 other cities and states joined the Republic of Mobius, increasing the size by a lot. In that same week, Mobius joined an alliance with Lucite Empire, and soon after, Union City and Bossriley222 declared war on Lucite, and ROM joined the war against Union City. In 2 days, Lucite, ROM, and the 6th Alliance won.

New Enn River City b[/b] by YeshyYeshiam
Orbitopolis by YeshyYeshiam
Miami by delahk
Axiom (AS OBSERVER) by Jumpa_Jumpa
New Victoria by David9366
Silver Bay by SilverHawk_
Vexx Industries by Vexnorz
Sealock by NommyFluff
State of Seriona by Smaugified_YT
Saint Carlin by Potato321
Quincy by TheDigitalCookie

[size=15pt]How Our Government Works
The Republic of Mobius government is very similar to how the USA was from 1782-1789. It is mainly a loose union or confederation of cities and states. Each city mayor has a seat in the Republic of Mobius Congress. Occasionally (no set pattern), the ROM will have a meeting in the Congress room with some or all of the seats in the Congress, and new ideas will be put up for consideration. For a law/right to be passed, 50% must agree and 2 out of the President (YeshyYeshiam), Vice-President (jmvvana), and Secretary of Congress (unfilled) must agree for the law to be passed. If 75% agree, President, VP, and Secretary’s approval are not needed. For a meeting to be held, the President, VP, and the Secretary must all attend. Here is a list of the positions in the government currently.

[size=12pt]President of Mobius

[size=12pt]Vice President of Mobius

[size=12pt]Secretary of Congress
Position open

Mobius has alliances with Lucite Empire and the 6th Alliance, and they occasionally have joint meetings.

The Republic of Mobius is home to the MMAF, or the Mobius Military and Armed Forces. This military defends many cities inside ROM, and has a joint military with the Lucite Military.

PREAMBLE: The Republic of Mobius knows the rights and freedoms of humans and free will. These words were written in understanding that a human should never truly be captured, and should always be free.

Article I: The CONGRESS
The Congress of Mobius has many abilities, but also has many responsibilities placed upon it. The following words are a list of its abilities and its responsibilities.

ABILITIES: Ability I, The Congress has the freedom to expel any body from the Republic; Ability II, The Congress can pass a law without the Administration’s consent if more than 3 quarters agree. If two to three quarters agree, Administrations approval is needed. If less than two quarters approve, than the law should not be passed; Ability III, Congress has the ability to throw out any of the Administration if more than 3 quarters agree; Ability IV, Congress has the ability to throw out any other government members if more than 2 quarters agree; Ability V, Congress has the ability to add or take away rights from the Article II if three quarters agree.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsibility I, The Congress must provide a military for the People; Responsibility II, the Congress must respond to the people’s requests; Responsibility III, The Congress must provide input on ideas put up for consideration.

Article II: The PEOPLE
The people also have rights and responsibilities in the Republic, and they are listed in the following.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsibility I, the People must follow if they are expelled from the Republic; Responsibility II, the People are required to give their opinion IF they are chosen for jury duty; Responsibility III, the People are required to meet all qualifications for their city to join the Republic; Responsibility IV, all cities are required to have one form of defense unaffiliated with the MMAF, police not included; Responsibilty V, all cities are required to undergo monthly inspection.

RIGHTS: Right I, the People are allowed but not required to vote in local or federal elections; Right II, a city or person has every right to leave the Republic if he wants to; Right III, if a person or city joins as an observer, he/she does not have to follow Responsibility II, or IV; Right IV, a city is allowed to build what they want in the Republic; Right V, a city is allowed to request assistance from the MMAF if needed; Right VI, the people are allowed to run for the office of any position; Right VII, all People are protected under the law; Right VIII, all People, if convicted, will be tried before receiving a verdict; Right IX, all People are allowed to give contributions to other cities; Right X, all people are created equal and treated equally under the law regardless of race, gender, appearance, etc.

If you want to join the Republic of Mobius, you must fill out this application.

In Game Name:
City Name:
City Warp and/or coords (coords are needed if there is no warp):
Why You Think You Will Be Accepted:
Why You Want To Join Mobius:

Thank you for reading all the way down here! Remember, all united is better than none!


Does Mobius Have a Motto?

“All united is better than none.”

“All united is better than none.”

“All united is better than none.”

“All united is better than none.”

“All united is better than none.”

“All united is better than none.”

“All united is better than none.”

“All united is better than none.”

“All united is better than none.”

“All united is better than none.”

“All united is better than none.”

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Lucite and ROM are very good allies.

Our Joint-Military is mostly classified, but it has been a helpful system so far.

Just going to leave this here:

Sealock is now part of Lucite,
Hence its part of both Lucite and ROM. c:

I can send some submarines (Sealock’s defense) to any ROM/Lucite cities.

And New Victoria is part of ROM and the 6th Alliance.

Nice Statements btw yeshy it’s VeXX Tech. now and if this isn’t outdated I can provide militia vehicles (Provided Silver Bay with cargo ship [/w 3 Tier III Tanks] so yeah)

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How exactly…do you “apply” for the available position or is it taken and the forum isn’t updated?

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