Cloud Atlas

So not sure if anyone else has gone out to watched it, but imo, it was probably the most unique movie ive seen in a LONG time…

I would reccomend people who can keep up with COMPLEX storylines to watch it.

Sounds real edgy

it was in parts. quite a bit of nudity. so obviously if your parents wont letchu watch it, tahts on them, still fantastic nonetheless

I can’t believe Bae Doona played the starring role. She was magnificent.

[details=“Spoiler”]I wasn’t too shocked that Zachary wasn’t on earth in the end bit. But over all the movie was very well made.
I really enjoyed the overlapping story lines of the characters that were are connected yet separate.[/details]

Edit By Shadow: USE THE SPOILERS lol!

Well, I will have to look into this movie. I just saw the trailer and it seems similar to some of the plots I have seen before. Should be fun!

Actually, the best example would be Millennium Actress. 1000 years of history with the same woman chasing the same man to the ends of the earth and beyond. One of my favorite films.

Another example might be What Dreams May Come. That one has the concept of two souls meeting again and again in different lives in it.

Ive seen What Dreams May Come, its actually another of my faveorite movies, its no suprise to hear that you have seen it, though im excited to see that someone else has actually seen it XD

I, however, have never heard of the Millennium Actress. Ill have too look into that =3