_Claudia_ - 9th of April, 2015


Minecraft Username Claudia

Date of Ban 9th of April, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Amphitryon

Reason for Ban I broke blocks in a city

Reason to be Unbanned I did not know I could not build in that city and I did not read the rules and I PROMISE I will Never do that again and Idk how I could get back on the server but I go back onto the server to see if I got get unbanned

Ps. I know now sorry.

[ Ban History ] 1 other ban appeals found
3rd of April, 2015

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Its up to you @Zak96 or @koalamama

I wasn’t the first who banned.

Again, not only did you grief, but you bypassed a ban with deceit. I guess I’ll leave it up to Koala or Amph, seeing as I only banned for bypassing, not any actual grief. My personal preference is leaving you banned, however.

As a side note, you didn’t “build” in the city, you broke things, which is very different.

As many of my friends know, I despise liars. Ugh, they sicken me almost as much as spiders. And one thing that you did many times that adds to the rulebreaks on this server is lie. First of all, you destroyed 600+ blocks, and still, even if you did not know the rules, I don’t think you can “accidentally” break 600+ blocks. Second, you bypassed a ban (twice), even though you knew you were banned from the server. That’s like a 5 year old getting candy from the pantry even though his ‘mommy’ said no. And lastly, you lied. I am a convictional Christian, and I know that lying is a sin. It’s even a sin if you’re athiest, Jewish, Islam, or any religion known to man. And that fact that you say that you did not know the rules is a flat out lie. Whenever you warp to Enn, the way you spawn shows you a wall of signs with the rules. Only someome who is blind and deaf would not be able to see those rules. And even if you did not see those, it even says only build with the town owners permission at server spawn. And you also lied 2 other times when you were able to join when the ban plugin failed. You said you did not build BOTH times. I say perma-ban.

I’m sorry I always go into your server to see If was was un-banned and I forgot I was along thime since I played on your server

I’m soo sorry,

Seeing as I was the one who banned for bypassing a ban, and you seem at least somewhat sorry. How’s this: I will leave the ban in place until Monday morning, CST. If you don’t appeal again, or try to join, I’ll unban you then.