Classify cities in a more realistic fashion.

I suggest we re-classify how cities work.
A small three building area shouldn’t be a “city”, it’s simply not realistic. I’d like to suggest we implement a system that includes villages, towns, and cities, that are in certain sizing guidelines.
This would be especially useful for nations as right now someone with 5 village sized cities can say they are in a 5 city nation, which is inaccurate.
This needs to be expounded upon but I can’t think of how to word it.

seems to much work for something that will get ignored within a week time.
some are just projects so they start small and some get just abandoned.
Do you specifically have issues with people calling a building area a city when it isn’t yet according to rules?

any establishment, no matter how big or small can be considered a city, a town, a villiage, hamlet, ect. depending on how its owner wants it to be known. If you personally want to consider each different, a city can be a settlement with a warp, anything below can be a town, ect. Ultimately its up to each owner, and even then, each individual can have their own thought on it

People can call things what they want. Adding some arbitrary requirements for what can be considered a village/town/city/whatever isn’t something the server needs.

Maybe instead of classifying it officially we could have an informal classification. When you refer to nations we could do a non-official guidelines, since PCB does not officially consider other institutions such as nations. We did a while ago plan an economic system (also non official) to apply to nations. Maybe we could re-work it and add this kind of realism (note that it would not be forced to anyone, it would be just an informal guideline).