Classic suggestion

I was on classic a few days ago(as usual) And I was thinking about the ranks.
I was looking at the ranks and tought: Maybe could we rename ‘Trainee-op’ to ‘Moderator’
Like on the SMP server, Kyle let me know what you think about this :slight_smile:

~05ocram05 Classic Operator

They don’t quite have the same role. Trainee is a temporary promotion with limited staff powers so we can assess if they are suitable for a full Op position. Moderator however is a full staff rank.

I agree for a half with what Liam said, but its about the name.

I let Kyle decide.

Why would you name two different ranks the same name though? If people played on both servers they would assume they were the same, which they are not.

I would never name Trainee-op mod. Trainee-op sounds alot better than plain Mod.

We actually did change the name for that rank a while back, but it did not work well for some reason. I am sure we could alter it again, but liam’s post has it exactly right. Heck, liam has more time in classic than I do!

Mod is not a good name to use because of the purpose of that rank.

I should start playing on it more, but a lot of the time I will go on and quickly lose the will to live…

That is how I feel

aughhh so much grief.

i banned like 10 people today. undoed all their work. everytime i undoed MORE grief showed up. WTH??? there are also lots of banned people who never got /undoed!

tbh, i used to get on Classic quite often for a while just to see how it was, and i honestly liked it quite a bit, but everytime ive been on lately, ive wanted to gouge my eyes out. and the fact that i cant remember the commands for it… there are WAY to many.




resolved. i would like to lock it now