Classic on

Hello PCB classic players,

I just noticed that you can’t play minecraft classic anymore via
You might be able to join via a WoM client but we cant join via anymore.
I know this might sound weird but maybe do we have to think about removing classic?
because minecraft classic DIED :’( I dont think we can have anny succes with classic anymore, ofcourse its up to Kyle but yea… it’s actually gone now… :’(

Classic Operator

Edit: Stickied topic, so every classic player can see this.

Yes you can.

They just hid the link.

I noticed this too… I had a lot of good times and many memories from the classic server, :frowning:

Yes, but we dont have any more people who join…

I will admit that I have thought about taking down classic. I don’t intend to take it down for a while yet. I know we still have players even if it not all the time.

Tempestas is one of those who still builds quality work. I keep it up for people like that.

Yea, but hes probably the only active member we have left…

I hate to necro, but im pretty sure you cant connect with WoM using the Mojang accounts. Many of us did (including me) and now i cant sign up thru wom.

Why do it then? In some cases it makes sense but this discussion is long dead.

I actually have an alternative account that isn’t upgraded or migrated. Can someone Op it? It’s LegendofRoy

In fact, we could all make alternative accounts if we want.

(is the server down by any chance?)

It was, I decided to leave my PC off for one night. Back up.

Im with Legend…My alt account theswordmaster is currently Trainee or just normal op? Can it be promoted to Senior Operator?

I ranked ya Sword and legend. Anyone is welcome to notify me or other classic staff for alt account rank ups. I have a bot that is Op too.