Classic is down(?)

Not sure if classic is down, because it says there are 7 players online, but i still cant connect there. :frowning:
Could someone try restart the server or somehow tell Kyle about it?



I also checked Chat, but it seems that only chaz is online.

i used wom it didnt work… ???

Did you try to connect without it?

It’s down for me too. Probably due to me using /fire in the survival games map. Although I don’t know why that would actually cause it, the physics speed seemed to be slower than normal, and there was no chat lag at all at the time.

I tried to review some builder there, but chat came up with like 30 secs delay. And then it disconnected me. :-\

Not able to connect either…I have no clue what’s going on.

Yup. It’s down, I’ll take the blame for this, I’m guessing I didn’t realise Kyle’s pc was already creaking when we started doing some of the physics stuff. Sorry all.

Locking this, just keep checking every now and then, it will be back up when Kyle gets to check it.

Sorry guys, I was out for a while. It ended with me giving a call to the police, so you can guess how my day went…