Classic is Back!

As the title says, the classic server is up and running off of my PC. I will keep it on 24/7 for now.

Check it out any hey! Try to crash my PC. Thus far, it is not even noticeable in my task bar. Just 30 MB of ram? See what you can do to it. My net speed is very good as well. Report lag please.

Oh, to find it, just search for “Project City Build [McForge]” in the official MC site.

Not sure if this will work, but the IP is port should be 5545. let me know if that works.

i was about to ask what the ip was XD
EDIT: i just got on with Kyle a moment ago, and its like, completely lag free… pretty awesome, go try it out if your new to this place as i am

I might try using my old laptop, as far as I remember I could get on classic with that, just not my current laptop… <.<

i tried getting on with my recently updated laptop, and it crashed my internet… that laptop is on 7, my dads desktop that has less memory, and works on Vista runs it great though…
Hey, Kyle could you make this a Sticky so that we can always know where to go for the classic server? that way all we have to do is copy and paste the name of the server into the MC Classic Multiplayer search bar to find it?

I don’t think a sticky is the answer, updating the front page of the website with the server info is.

Also, All I ever do is type city into the search bar. It’s easy to find ours among the other few that show up.

ah, ok well both of those work as well. ;D

Sweet! Might check this out when I get home, I’m in the middle of precal midterms so lol. What’s your speed? Just curious since I want to host servers but my speed is complete crap for upload.

current ranks transferred? :stuck_out_tongue:

i think they have Ggg

now if only i can get WOM to work Q+Q

All ranks on creative are completely separate from usual ranks on the server. Your beta rank will transfer to classic but not the other way around if that makes sense. Basically, a mod can be promoted to op on classic but you wont be OP on beta.

Yaaaay! Now if only I could remember my password… xD

Well, I have tried:
Updating drivers - laptop won’t let me
Old laptop - needs java update, and due to crappy internet it will take 4 hours apparently… yuG%^gbhyugtfr^bgytfrghefvEHjyhHUERVSEYVET

To bad my WOM wont work for some reason. I would love to visit this server in classic.

Ruby I meant ranks previously :I

Yeah, still, it applies :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, for all of you wondering why WOM is not working…


Unless you use the direct connect feature on the login screen…

Which is a pain in the @$$ to use

Very nice! I updated the classic server status on the site. It should’ve found it automatically, but I forgot I made it case-sensitive :stuck_out_tongue: