Classic Help: WoM

So I have finally realized that if I want to get onto the Classic server I need WoM.
I went onto the WoM site and didn’t really know where the download is!
Could someone put the link up!
As well I am a Mac user! Does that cause any problems?

EDIT: Fixed the title ~Ka

I’ll add the link to this post in a sec.
The download link is at the bottom of the first post, you need to sign up to the site to access it.

This fixes it for Macs. Do what he does, cuz it helped me out when i tried to get in multiplayer. ;D

I had to do this since evertime i logged into the server from wom, it never really worked.

you don’t need WoM for classic… Just a sub-par browser like firefox :3

So Brodur you are saying just to get Firefox?

I think you can also do that trick on firefox. Since it never really worked for me no matter what i used. Then i tried that trick, now when i get my mac back i can use that. :stuck_out_tongue:

First of all this does not seem to work for me!

This also does not work as when I do Shift-Command nothing happens!
Thanks for all the help!

hmm, sorry bout that then semi. I wish i could help you out, i just don’t think i have any other ideas other than that shift command thing. :confused:

Works for classic and web browsing, lots of extensions too :slight_smile: