Classic Games

I’ve recently downloaded an emulator so I could play Twilight Princess again and FINALLY beat it for the first time. Now playing Zelda OoT for the first time. Any of you playing games lately that are classics?

Also, here’s the overly dramatic story of Assclown from Ordon Village.

I just started really getting into Classic Gaming, but the only thing that annoys me is the graphics - but you get used to that after a while.

Some really, really good games that I have played are:
Donkey Kong (the old SNES games - not the new ones on Nintendo DS or Wii/WiiU
Deus Ex

^ I’m not sure if these are classified as classic - but they are quite old…

Super Mario Bro’s. Never get’s old.
Oh, and Mario Kart DS 8)


Chrono. Trigger.

Oh my god the soundtrack to that was heavenly. I’d replay it just for that.

Old games eh? I grew up with these.

Shivers - . Kinda like survival puzzle horror? It’s point and click style with really hard puzzles. 1995.

RAMA - Arthur C. Clark 1996. Same idea of point and click adventure. Math puzzles and even audio and color ones.

Huh, both by Sierra…

Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist. 1993 - ACTUAL medicine! It came with a book of how to prepare all kinds of old medicines and you had to use the book to prepare it.

Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon. 1997 - One of my favorites of all time. Immensely funny. This time and space traveling bar sure gets around. I loved how you visit the past, pick up the best chocolate from the Aztecs, then use it in the future where its either extinct or illegal cause its too good. Aliens, vampires, God, and weird shit.

“Sure, you could stick your credit card into the plug socket, but do you really want that charge on your account?”

Sierra for one, same creator for other… Damn, my dad only bought the same games? Anyway, point is, these were and still are amazing games. Puzzle/adventure games age well.