Civilization 6 Announced!

(I think it’s sean bean narrating, trying to figure out how the narrator can die…)

Releases 21st October

Screenshots from Steam:

It is also available to preorder, but I reeaallly wouldn’t do that after the shitshow that was Beyond Earth.

It looks like a re-skin of Civ V and the trailer was just Narrated Motivational Video #249931 and featured no actual gameplay.

2/10 would not give attention again.

I was a bit worried about that, especially after Civ BE, but there are actually significant changes.
From what’s been released, there are several new mechanics.

[ul][li]Cities are more complex, and have districts which can define a cities purpose[/li]
[li]Research speed is based on what you have, e.g. a quarry makes masonry and construction research faster[/li]
[li]AI leaders now have agendas, and have complex play styles rather than just trying to win at all costs. These AIs are randomly assigned. Gandhi has his own special AI that keeps up with tradition[/li]
[li]Military and non-military units on the same tile can now be grouped, so you can escort valuable units[/li]
[li]Certain units (battering rams, siege towers and similar) no longer need their own tile[/li]
[li]Multiplayer campaigns can be made to focus on specific eras, making gameplay much faster. This also applies to singleplayer.[/li][/ul]

Sauce with quotes from the lead designer.

But holy shit the regional pricing is fucked.

It costs $/£/€59.99, so it’s actually $59.99 for the US, $68.38 for the euro and $72.18 for the UK

Oh boy, I’ve only played the console version of Civilization (Civilization: Revolution), but I think that Civilization VI will be great! I haven’t played, or seen any videos of, Civilization: Beyond Earth, but I think that, hopefully, this will be a game that’s worth the price.

I like the new additions that they have added, hopefully this won’t make the game harder. I have some opinions on the additions that is told from the lead designer, and Octo:
[size=12pt]1. Yes, complexity for the cities, the cities won’t look alike.
[size=12pt]2. I think that the previous games could only give you more research if you had a library/university in at least one of your cities, so that’s good.
[size=12pt]3. Good thing that the AIs now have agendas, rather than to focus on rivaling everyone else, in order to win.
[size=12pt]4. I had this kind of problem when I needed my settlers guarded by archers. The settlers move 2 units, while the archers move only 1, so this sometimes ended up having my settlers getting captured by another civilization.
[size=12pt]5. I’m not sure how that may play out, but I like the freedom of not being on the entire tile.
[size=12pt]6. I didn’t like it how every multiplayer game felt like it took me a whole day to complete, so I really like it how the host has the ability to not only shorten the length of the game, but also change the goals, instead of winning a domination victory, since that’s usually the easiest way to win a game.

Hopefully, the game costing €59.99 is a typo. I had to copy, and paste, the euro (€), since my keyboard doesn’t have that symbol.

I doubt it is, unfair regional pricing seems to be another bane of modern AAA gaming

Also, all of Civ 5’s DLC features (religion, espionage, international trade routes, world congress, great wonders etc) will be included in base Civ 6

Plus remember the UK/EU prices include taxes, US prices don’t in most states.

So $59.99 becomes more like $70 when you include taxes.

‘Unfair’ regional pricing is always because of this taxation difference. UK/EU prices always include tax, US taxes generally don’t.

So either that got updated, or I can’t read. Possibly both. Anyway, even with that, the uk is still 17.03% more expensive than the US, and VAT is 20% so it’s not taxation.

Wait the game is £49.99… That’s a bit expensive.


However, there is a ridiculous amount of gameplay time. A single game of Civ5 takes 10+ hours. Civ5 is one of my lowest £/hour games. I will probably wait for it to go on sale though…


20% is bigger than 17% octo…

If they have done anything with the multiplayer at all I would want to buy it…
Before in Civ V the multiplayer was a steaming pile of unoptimised shit (pardon my French).
If what Octo says is true, that they are making technology and cities more complex, which is great (I love complex strategy games (cough cough Paradox games)), then it is a bonus which I am very happy about. But still a bonus.

Europa Universalis is that for me…
I’ve got, I think, about 10p/hour on that… (roughly 2000 hours, not even joking)

Also… If anyone looks at Civ VI on the release date or shortly after, just remember, my birthday’s on the 30th… hint hint

I know… If it was due to UK taxes then the price would increase by 20% or more. It has, however, only increased by 17%.

that’s true of most things, especially in the south of England.

There are also a couple of nice features on the store page as well:

AIs change over time, so at first the threshold for starting war is really low, but everyone starts to get along better, with more diplomacy. There’s also a TUTORIAL!, rather than those annoying advisers yelling at you every 10 seconds.

This will end up around $89.95 or $99.95 in Australia :frowning:

I’ll still buy it, cause I’ve liked most previous Civ games.

Or… I just wait until christmas and get it on offer for like £10. I’ve got modpacks for Civ V I can wait.


At this point no OS X support has been announced, so consider this if you are planning to pre-order. I was about to pre-order and checked and have confirmed that there is no official Mac OS X support at this time. I imagine it will come, as with previous Civ games, but I don’t want anyone to be out of pocket as they don’t have a PC.


OSX and Linux will be supported, but no details have been announced yet.

Praise Gaben

Octo, I think all of us should do a game of civ 6 when it comes out. what do you think?