City of Victoria: Photos

[b][size=14pt][size=12pt]Hello everyone!
I’ve just compiled an album of recent photos from Victoria![/b]

[b][size=12pt]At the bottom of the page don’t forget to click the link saying:

“Load the entire album, 33 images total (23 remaining).”[/b]

[size=12pt]Tell me what you think :slight_smile:

Looks awesome, good job !

Looks great so far! If you want, let me know when Victoria is fully complete and I can record a cinematic that you can post on planetminecraft and the PCB youtube channel.

Looks great! I visited the castle recently and found it awesome!

Looks amazing, keep up the good work!

shot I took of the south entrance earlier

Gorgeous. Keep up the stunning work!

Wow Willink! Thanks for taking a stunning pic! ;D

Thanks Koalamama! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this in creative?

@CouragetheTiger Yes, I believe so!

Yes. Victoria is a CMP town.

Hey everyone! I’ve just updated the post with a link! Feel free to check out the latest link.

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