City of Long Beach - ELECTION WEEK!


The City of Long Beach, Rancho County, Calif. is looking for a mayor! The mayor will maintain and decide the direction the city goes in whilst appointing government positions when necessary! The mayor will serve as more of an administrator until Long Beach is fully built out. This means they will be in charge of new residents, new builds on PLOTS ZONED BY RANCHO COUNTY, along with maintaining the stability or ghettoness of the areas.

Long Beach is actually its own city, but within Rancho County. Rancho County will still remain the main authority over yet-to-be-built areas of Long Beach. RANCHO RULES STILL APPLY TO LONG BEACH, REGARDLESS OF OBTAINING ITS OWN WARP & OWNER, FILIPENIS STILL HAS THE FINAL SAY!

Long Beach will encompass the neighborhoods of: Palmount Mesa (to be built by Rancho County), Beachfront between I-10 & Coastal Rte. 101 Tunnel, Palos Verdes, and Glendora (to be built by Rancho County).


Oh! Apparently I’m a candidate.

Are we allowed to vote for ourselves? Just curious.

Ferf you’ve got my vote :slight_smile: and this closes on my b-day!

This vote is neck and neck :o you may need a tie breaker

The Election hasn’t been getting that many votes, and it’s November 16 (when I posted this)! I will inform everyone in-game about the Election.

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