City Of Houston! WE NEED BUILDERS!

Hello! i am starting a city in 1.8 creative called Houston!

We Need Builders that are good with skyscrapers and other modern buildings!!!

If you would like to help, please contact me with /mail send legotrooper123 !

(I suck at making topics, i know)

*Any relations to real people and places is unintentional


YES! I love the idea

I am so confused…

Fun fact, I was born and raised and well am still in Houston lol, Amphi lives here too. Thats why I was freaking out I love me some Houston. On the other end with amphi Not so much XD

As for me, I hate Houston (Not in MC lol)

Houston, we have a problem…

U might not have seen it…

Hello @Cortwade11

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