City near mine, Can I take it?

Hello, here is tuzao! :smiley: I am a Budapest owner with EstevaoBuilder and Leobhz. We are discussing about take a city near us, Its named Houston and Its south of us (3445 65 -3534). It hasn’t been active for months, the owner said 2 months ago that he will use it as a test city (He was last seen 25 days ago, and he didn’t worked there after the “log reset”). We will need the space for expand our city, but we need permission (Its a 100 blocks far away, and we are expanding there). What can we do? Can we move it?

Like we did with Little France when Portland was being expanded we did move the smaller city somewhere more remote. My problem though is that the owner isn’t active to have a say in what we do and we should not do anything with their city without permission. Let’s relook at this when the player has been inactive for AT LEAST 2 months, sound good? That way you know if the player is really considering not returning to PCB or not. Time needs to really be a factor before you do anything. It hasn’t even been a full month, and for all we know they might return tomorrow. I’ve seen it happen. Better to play things safe before a huge dispute erupts.

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