Today, i found a repeating redstone circuit near my house/pub/thing. I saw it through a missing chunk, so i mined to it, and disconnected the repeating loop section, by breaking 1 piece of wiring. I apologise to whoever this belonged to, i repaired the way i got to the circuit, but by disabling it it reduced my lag greatly.

Do you think repeating circuits, and dispenser arrow traps could be dissalowed possibly? as these sort of things seem to cause me lag, im not sure about other people but… yeah.

Once again, sorry to the owner of the circuit.

That was more than likely me. I saw that you occupy the building below/behind my big house.

My apologies. I can halt all circuits… its just what I do when I’m bored.

Dont worry about it xD I just couldn’t play because of lag, then i disconnected one, and the lag soon went, it may have been a coincidence though. Once again, sorry for breaking it.

Mels got them everywere, i noticed when build path from a random door that evertime i took a block out to place gravel or cobble/grass that her work was there like 5/10 times lol

U really get bored then mel :stuck_out_tongue:

any active physics blocks have a massive impact on the server, redstone, active water /lava that is still flowing, redstone circuits, minecart boosters/ constantly moveing carts and boats all cause quite a bit of extra data to have to be produced by the cpu and sent taking up more bandwith, things like that should be kept to a minimum to keep the server efficent =]

Just my input, i cant wait till i get beta =[

If i ever win a gift code,you’re getting it, you’re the only one i know that needs it xD

Not anymore… =D

Boats are banned already. Flowing water and lava seems to be perfectly fine. Redstone is fine - but only when it’s not set in a continuous or infinite loop.

Liam btw i broke th wall to ur mine as u said i could ue it for helping you + done all the floor an added fence to it :slight_smile: hope your ok with this ill patch it up when im next on

wait what? The wooden wall? There was a door in that xD

Yer the wood plank wall next to the door, the door was passworded and i needed some cobble so i broke in :stuck_out_tongue: sorrrrrrrryyyy :frowning: but u did say i could use ur mine :stuck_out_tongue:

ahh right yeah, the idea was, people can use it when im online, as im making a strip mine, also, its at the diamond level, so i wanna be able to find them, rather than people just digging and finding them for themselves. in my mine… xD

lol that is a good mine if u go down u see my long tunnels, found 3 gold 17 iron an 2 diamond :slight_smile:

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