Cinematography work from Japan!

As a lot of you may know, I took a lengthy trip to Japan this summer, in part to work on a cinematic style video that I’d wanted to do for a while. Japan is an interesting country in the sense that they’re very iffy about letting you video them in public, so I had to do a lot of asking around in order to get some of the shots of people. Tell me what you think in either the YouTube comments or here!

Some very nice shots. I didn’t like the music, but that’s just my personal preference, nothing against the video itself.

Good job.

Imho would have been better with instrumental music instead but that’s just my preference.
(films tranquil sunset) fear woo (moment ruined)
But yeah it’s awesome otherwise! I understand you didn’t have the time to do one of those sped up shots of an intersection, but you could have like left the camera on the balcony of the hotel as you left for dinner. And then gone to the intersection and waved at the camera for a couple of minutes. Ideas for next time?

i hope i can see your project soon.hopefully

Oh, that intersection shot was in a Starbucks. Idk if they do this in England, but in Japan, they commonly stack stores up to like the 8th floor, having one on each floor. I know you’ve been to HK, so kinda like that. Although, honestly, bc it’s Japan, nobody would’ve stolen it anyway if I’d left it XD

Thanks! I thought the music fit the city well, but, with electronic music, it’s a yay or nay either way. Either you love it to death or hate it ;D Glad you like the video!

@Gumball520 Click the link in the first post.

i wonder how long i have to wait to get unbanned so i can see it but im happy :slight_smile:

Unbanned from YouTube? ;D

Anyone can click the link as far as I’m concerned.

@Gumball520 I think you are failing to understand that the video is Real life and not minecraft.
That aside, sorry, I forgot to unban you.

Nice work! What time of year did you go? Looks like you got fantastic weather :smiley: