Chuck Berry

Just yesterday I was trying to teach myself Johhny B. Goode on guitar, and only hours later I learned that Chuck Berry had passed away at age 90. Chuck Berry, often refered to as “The Father of Rock ‘n’ Roll” climbed to the top of the music charts in the 1950s and his signature sound and dance moves captivated the American youth. He managed to overcome racial barriers and lead a generation. His music influenced everything from the classic 50s music you’d hear in a diner to the Beatles and even today’s music. His song Johhny B. Goode was also pictured in Back to the Future in one of the most well known scenes from the franchise. Johnny B. Goode was among songs put on the Golden Disk on the Voyager mission- it will live forever, even past humanity.

Rest in peace Chuck Berry, rock on.

Heres the Back to the Future version


Rest in peace yo