Christmas Skin Contest

I just finished making my christmas skin, and want to see what yall can come up with. Please make one and post the pic on here. On christmas I think I might have a contest stage set up to see who made the best skin. Even if you don’t think you are that great at making skins, please post something on here. I would love to see what yall can come up with.

Edit: The skin needs to be 100% custom, no using skin websites, to get your entire skin.

looks at skin
Ur on…raises eyebrow
Lol :slight_smile: imma make one today in my computer class :slight_smile:
Does it have to be related to Santa or elves? Or can it look like a super cold Alaskan man-woman in a fluffy jacket? O.o


As long as you can relate it to christmas in some sort of way. I just thought of something, maybe the winner can get a grand prize, i’ll let yall decide that, but i was thinking about maybe something to do with the christmas wish list i had posted.

wat exactly do you mean by related to teh christmas list topic? like skin has to do with what we want for christmas? cuz in that case i woud be making my skin with a sheep on it… ^^

I posted a “What do you want for christmas” post. Some people have put what they want for christmas in minecraft on that, and i was thinking if they don’t ask for too much then i can give it to them, or maybe an admin could. I don’t want to bug the admins with that though, so i probably will make them something.

oh u meant the prize will be wat the winner wants for christmas on server ! that makes a lot more sence. ^^

I am planning on giving my Slenderman skin a nice little santa costume. And then scare the derp out of everyone.
HOHOHO, merry christmas CHILDREN kidraep

Only 10 more days tell Christmas, you all should get to work on those skins and post a preview on here. Im gona where my christmas skin all the way tell Christmas, then on christmas we can all get on the stage im gona make and get a pic of everybody.

100% Custom. U Jelly? Took me about 30 minutes XD

guess i gotta get cracking at my winter wizard skin XD TIME TO DO THIS!
My skin and an awesome pic :stuck_out_tongue:

That is awesome Hard, now i feel like i gota do more to my skin. It only took me 10 minutes.
Im gana have some hard competition on christmas.

Mines Uncle Creeper :smiley:


oh and look my house is in the background

calls goof

I suck at making skins :stuck_out_tongue: hopefully you guys van come up with some awesome stuff.

Lol Sip.

Here’s mine. Nothing fancy, I like to keep mine personalized :smiley:

If there are some people who aren’t making skins i would love for them to be a judge, preferably an admin. Just cuz yall kinda run the server, but if there are any others who want to be a judge, then maybe i will let you be one. Just put a request for a judge spot in this post please.

Judge? Y not. I still will make Slender Claus >:U
But it won’t be an entry, no worries.

The judges can still make skins, but just wont be in the contest.

I know. I want to be judge :smiley: