Christmas Redstone Challenge!

A while back, I posted an idea about a redstone competition. It went down meh, but due to timings etc, it never happened.
Well, now I am proud to announce the CHRISTMAS REDSTONE CHALLENGE!

What is the challenge?

It is on a grid, similar to the one in the picture.

The aim is to hook up a lever (which can be placed anywhere in the wooden area) to all of the redstone torches.

  1. No building outside 7x6 grid
  2. All must be done on the one level
  3. Do not build anything where the birch slabs are.
  4. No peeping at anyone else etc… (we have lb)

Easy: lever on = torches off; lever off = torches on
Harder: lever on = torches on; lever off = torches off
Superhard : Same as hard, but no redstone torches allowed

How do I enter?

Well, just follow these hugely over-complicated steps:

  1. /warp Prymont
  2. Follow lit redstone (unlit redstone will take you to an already claimed lot)
  3. Arrive at vertical blue stripe
  4. Flick lever to off (or destroy lever)
  5. Break your way into sealed room through blue stripe
  6. replenish blue stripe
  7. Make mental note not to leave blue stripe open
  8. Do the challenge!

If you arrive at Prymont and the redstone is off, then I will be surprised.

But you can copy the design from the picture above into some private area with no windows and do it there, should you so wish. Alert me here if this is the case.


At some point depending on reception, I will judge it by these criteria. The winner will be the one who:

Completed the hardest challenge.
If tie, winner is the one who
's entry takes the fewest ticks to turn on/off.
If tie winner is the one who
did it first.

PRUTH PTHI!!! (Good luck in a fake language)

Time to hope I calibrated it right! :stuck_out_tongue:

That was fun!

Solved hard mode. Fun challenge!

Glad you liked it!

It has Just come to my attention that the server is about to return on minecraft 1.11, with new observer blocks. I’m going to say, at least for now, no observer blocks, until I’m sure it won’t make it any easier.

EDIT: Just looked at what they do, don’t think anyone would be mad enough to try to use them. But they’re fine.

EDIT 2: Hard looked too easy :stuck_out_tongue: made superhard.

Tried this, too hard for me ;-;
edit: wait wait I can build outside the wood area, but on the stone too right
edit 2: wait crap. so I just failed to do this because of my poor reading skills. Can I go back into my plot and try again?

So we can use observer blocks?

EDIT: I did superhard with 1 observer block. I dont think the observer block made it easier; it was way harder than “normal” superhard, but it is quicker. It runs in about 6 ticks I believe. Have I won? :stuck_out_tongue: JK i probally wont but this took me a good while and was super fun, a real challenge. Please do more! I love it

Yes, you can by all means go back in. The seculded rooms are just to make sure others don’t see it.

Observers are fine, but I’m intrigued to see how you did it with them…

I measured it, and you got 7, I myself got 6, when I combined them I got 5, but yes, of those eligible, you are winning :p.

Yay! Incase I do win, is there a prize of some sort? :0

Here’s the current rankings:


And Here are the deadlines:

All entries in by 21st DEC 7:03 AM GMT
All lives finished by 21st JAN 7:03 AM GMT #trumpjokes

As for prize, I could offer 800 PCB$ and obviously the glory of knowing that you are, second to one, the best redstoner in all of PCB :p.

Damn… Finished super hard but it takes 8 ticks…

AAAAAaaaannnnnnnddddddddd as my keys are unstuck, the competition has drawn to a close!

Congratulations to our winner Groenink! and to everyone else who took part, I had no idea there were so many ways of doing it.

You can see the winning design, along with runner up designs, and mine, with a complete breakdown of ticks if you go to /warp Prymont, and follow the numbers forming a secret code in the following order: 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.

What a nice competition we had @VirBinarius ! You should look forward about making more fun events like this one! :smiley:

Joohoo, Im honoured and chuffed to bits :smiley: GG guys! ;D

Is there a runner-up prize?

Of Course!

I made you a badge:


This could work for the third place badge?

wow thanks octo <3

And for all those who tried and failed…