Christmas Expo!

Attention All! Hear ye! Hear ye!
We here at the Staff Team of Project City Build are proud to announce: Drumroll


The 2018 Christmas Expo!


Players from each team will be given a 75x75 plot, where they will attempt to build a festive beautiful Christmas scenery, showing us how Christmas is like in your region of the world! By the 24th of Christmas, the judges and myself will be choosing the top three plots, those who come in first will have their plot featured in the new Christmas town warp!

Warp to “Christmas Expo” to see the plots and plan accordingly!

Building will start Sunday, December 9th, and again, will end December 23rd

The Christmas Expo has a whopping 16 Plots for those who would like to go solo or pair up to a Maximum of three people per team




  1. Building starts on Sunday, December 9th, 2018
  2. Building ends on Monday, December 23rd, 2018
  3. Three winning countries revealed on December 24th, 2018
  4. Maximum of Three Players per team
  5. 1 plot per team
  6. You are not allowed to build for any other team except your own
  7. No greifing the spawn or any other plots, this will result in disqualification
  8. Buildings must be within the 75x75 plot
  9. The use of World Edit is not permitted

Your team will be judged on these four points:

  • Quality of the build
  • Originality, (No Youtube Tutorials)
  • Theme and Region (American Christmas, Australian Christmas, etc., etc.,)
  • Team Spirit / Good Sportsmanship

Your final piece as a team will be judged by your’s truly: @zwinky12, @whbilbo, and myself, @MattDB as the judging panel.



  • A 1st place Christmas Expo forum medal to be added next to your banner, and your build will be featured at the new Christmas town Warp!
  • A 2nd place Christmas Expo forum medal to be added next to your banner.
  • A 3rd place Christmas Expo forum medal to be added next to your banner.

Good luck and Godspeed!

Edit: Add your teams down below!

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Starting a team. Message me if you want to contribute to the Midwest aesthetic

I’m starting a Dutch (maybe Benelux) team. If anyone wants to join, msg me on discord.

Btw the teams is : Me and JustAcornCob

Im up for a good old competition. if it will stop me from playing fallout 4 for more then 5 minutes its a good idea. also msg me on discord if you want in my team.

I’m hyped! Sign me up. DM me on discord if you want to have a team

nothing says christmas like a hot traditional european meal during an record temperature australian heat wave

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lmao benelux @verajasper. i’d like to join solo :wink:

team britain is ready to compete.
we are dBdB, CaveMaker and Omganator and we are here to win!
also good luck all.

Team Texas is here gonna recreate Zilker Park (Park in austin)


The finish date of the Christmas Expo will be moved to December 26th, 2018! Just so people who have winter break soon can start and because I’m not going to be active on Sunday, the 23rd of December as I am going to see the new Aquaman movie (Fun right?) Enjoy yourselves and take your time!


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Just a group of friends building for the Expo, regardless of being from different countries.

Hey, been working on a solo plot or a while now, just making sure you have me down. Its a xmas Adventure plot with a story and activities to do, hopefully you enjoy