Christina_G - 2014 March 15


Minecraft Username Christina_G

Date of Ban 2014 March 15
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by ymbninjakiller

Reason for Ban Griefing?!

Reason to be Unbanned Ever since the new update I’ve been having issues with my iMac when I try to connect to servers. I have been trying to get back on the multiplayer server for a while and thought it was my computer. But apparently I was banned for a grief back in March. I honestly have no clue what I griefed, I’ve been a member for a while now and wish to continue to. If someone could explain why I’ve been banned and what I apparently griefed?

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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I believe it was a building in Farcoast. I think It was the abandoned “homeless shelter” robin gave to kaitlinroxot and facesmasher47. Correct me if I am wrong.

The building in Farcoast was resolved

This has already been resolved.

I think since it’s her first offense she should just be left with a warning. I never had problems with her when she played so I don’t really think she will do anything bannable again.

$10 says ymb has no idea what the ban was for, so I’ll unban tonight when I get home

Now I understand what your meaning.

I’ll set the record straight.

I built that soup kitchen in Farcoast. And had two squatters who took over two unlocked chest I put for donations. I’m not to sure if it was Robin or not, but a mod came and posted signs and asked kaitlinroxot and facesmasher47 to remove their stuff from my soup kitchen. After a week or so, Meta informed us that he was leaving Farcoast. So I decided to remove my soup kitchen and place it in a new city.

Just to clarify the soup kitchen was mine and I should be allowed to destroy it if I wish. The chest in which kaitlinroxot and facesmasher47 stayed in place, untouched, and locked. I wish there would have been a bit of communicating before hitting the banned button. Seems funny to now have a banned recorded for griefing my own building!

I understand why you would have done that. I possibly would have done the same thing. However, you could have always talked to the people living there before destroying it. The decision is up to YMB. I think this could have been handled better. I am not sure whether I would unban you it not.

Hi, i’m ymb. I like long walks on the beach and eating cake.

You’re unbanned. For my niceness, please direct all payments of cake to the make a ymb happy foundation. Thank you.