chrisjebuilds - 6th of January, 2014


Minecraft Username chrisjebuilds

Date of Ban 6th of January, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by i have no idea

Reason for Ban forum spam

Reason to be Unbanned my cousin broke into my account and spammed forum multiple times <= this is solved please let me read the forum posts!

[ Ban History ] 1 records found

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no. sorry but he was given a chance, (MANY chances) and he blew every damn one of em. even when it was just Chris, the forum spam and thread necroing was horrendous.

Regardless of whether he broke into your account or not, the way you handled it was truly awful. You should have just contacted him through some other means rather than contribute to 50% of the spam.

In fact, you both had the same IP at the time of posting which leads us to believe it was either all done by you or you were in the same vicinity…

They were in the same vicinity. I vouched for chris once before and I do again. If nothing else, he will be welcome in FTB if we ever get it up again. Especially since I will likely run it.

I do understand why chris is more than a little annoying on the forums. I was just glad that in FTB, he and his cousin were independent after tons of questions. The cousin did grief chris several times. Hardly talked if at all too.

He’s not banned on the server, just the forums.

I can’t remember how many chances we’ve given him.

If this is the 1st ban, I say unban, but if not, he can stay banned.

I think this was his first full ban. The others were temp bans. I THINK!!!

indeed, i banned his forum account with a warning to never unbann it again. Honestly i would like it to stay that way.

If he aint banned from the server itself, I don’t mind him being banned from the forums. Sucks for him, but he did ruin that.

Can we go ahead and close this then? A member of the staff would need to let chris know so he doesn’t spam ban appeals too.

He can stay banned on forums. His story has changed 3 times by my count. “It was my cousin!” “I was hacked!” “It was my cousins friend” then when told it was the same ip address: “Impossible!” Then again, after being told we checked “oh yeah I did computer stuff in school and you can do that with a changer thing to fake your ip address”

Nah… This is done with. He can be on the server but I’d like the forums to stay clean.