You’ve been warned on MULTIPLE occasions by MOST of the staff to stop posting stupid shit in old, inactive forum threads.

You did it again today, and you have been tempbanned for 3 days from the forum for it.

If, after the 3 days, you continue to do this, it will be a permanent ban. you can get on here to read this, but you can’t post, so dont try.

This really is a shame Chris because you are a nice guy on the server but on the forums you seem to be alot different.

I’m sorry chris, but I have to agree with them. You are a mad necromancer, resurrecting rotting threads left and right :C

Lol delta. I also agree with the action. As I said before, I like you Chris. Just tone it down a bit. I know your bored.

Try for some games in the meantime.

Actually, thinking about it, kongregate is probably perfect for chris…


nope not good for me cant play on my nitendo ds 3d but it was my cousin

Try then. lol I always do that on my 3ds. :stuck_out_tongue: lol, if you even like it. haha