chichibilly - 27th of October, 2015


Minecraft Username chichibilly

Date of Ban 27th of October, 2015
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by TheOctopus

Reason for Ban Being an annoying little bitch

Reason to be Unbanned I agree that I was being annoying. I was acting very immature and shouldn’t have kept joining even though I was banned. I just was a little angry that whbilbo rented out my apartment building and ruined my plan. We sorted it out long time ago already and we’re friends. I learned that I shouldn’t have reacted so quickly and should of thought about it. This server is one of the best servers out there to be honest. That’s why I kept on wanting to join it. 2 months have passed and I think I learned my lesson. And please don’t mute my sister’s account. Im just using it to explain why I should be unbanned. Thank you .

[ Ban History ] 5 other ban appeals found
24th of October, 2015

9th of September, 2015

26th of August, 2015

26th of August, 2015

25th of August, 2015

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Dude, it’s completely, wholeheartedly clear the ban will not be lifted.