Chestshop Annoyance

I know this was posted on the other thread, however this is getting really annoying.

When I have low stock (waiting for others to sell to me), and a buyer comes. They can buy the item, but all the information about the items (such as price, item, quantity, etc.) gets deleted. I have to constantly redo my shop, because of disappearing signs, and it is quite annoying. We really have to change this now.

I agree.

The counter argument to this is it is more user friendly. How many times have you had to visit 5 different shops to find an item, only to find them out of stock?

If you have to redo signs, that means you have very little stock to begin with. If it is annoying for you to have to redo the signs all the time, it is even more annoying for other players to click on those signs to find you have no stock. This should encourage people to either hold more stock, or have less chests in their shops. Both should be a good end result for people shopping.

I know you have a lot of different chests in your shop (most people do not have that many). Perhaps keep a list on excel to keep track of your item prices?

What about if the text on the signs changed color if it was in stock or not? Like Green if it was, and Red if not. Probably hard to code, but I think that would be possible.

Oh, also, when the signs go inside the chest, it unlocks the chest…so…

It is a pain for shop owners, though… If you don’t have a chest labelled, you might not remember what Item was there.

So you could lose a sign… So what? It’s a sign… I have stacks of the damn things

There has to be a better way. The color idea is great if it can be done. Or maybe keeping a sign inside each shop that moves in front when empty? Some way to leave the chest animation open when empty?

Not the issue. When you go out of stock it removes your sign an puts it in the chest. When it does this it unlocks the chest, and anyone can go in. You then have to manually lock it.

When a shop is created a lock is automatically added to the chest

Hey… Hey guys. How about you use comparators to light up a redstone lamp? That way the lamp will light up when the shop has stock, and will be off when it’s empty.

This would allow for the feature to be removed, allowing for shop owners to keep their signs, while consumers will be able to see if the chest contains items.

Can this already be done? Show us with a pic? Also, Bumping!

Out of stock sign removal has been removed, and now chestshops work the old way again. If you have a new ideas on the topic, please post to the suggestions and ideas.