Checking out the forum statistics

While checking out the forum statistics, i saw this
Yearly Summary New Topics New Posts New Members Most Online

  • 2012 1020 13337 128 56
    leeet xD
    LOL NEW POSTS, obviously higher now that i have made another topic/post

That’s really l33t!

1 <|-|4|_|_3N93 _|00 9u/2 70 .-34|) 7|-|12. |>|-|1.-57 0n3 70 .-3|>l/ |/17 7|-|12 84<|< 1n N0.-|/|4L |/.-171n’ 9372 4 3N<|-|4n7 0F 7|-|31.- <|-|01<3 0N 4N`/ 173|/|.

Have fun!

i challenge you guys to read this. first one to reply with this back in normal writing gets an enchant of their choice on any item.

Diamond sword with sharpness v please. And give it to whoever can guess why this day is important.

I have confirmed that Hard cheated in the same way I did to write that mish-mash of typing. I’m okay with his new challenge.

Decided to put it in Google translate to see what would happen. Said, “Detecting Language…Spanish”

today is important because its hards birthday!!!

well happy birthday mate! how old are you now?

Looks like I owe whu an item. Remind me next time ya see me in game.