The internet relay chat from the Creative server is spilling over to the Survival server right now… I dunno if thats planned or what but it’s pretty annoying and confusing

Well, i have a down side and a up side for the chat

Bad side
It is annoying when im playing smp, and people are like :“I’m gonna build this and that, wanna come see?” Tempting me to go there really,

The good side
I get less lonely :smiley:

Its planned, the chat has been linked up to all PCB servers.

It COULD be an issue though, say if both servers are filled with players and the chat is filled with constant talking from both sides. Or if one player gets into an argument with another player from the other server. Might be hard to issue a punishment to either player.

We could (if possible) have 2 options.

  1. Make a separate chat for the Creative server.

  2. If it isn’t already implemented, then we could make it so that there’s a title in front of the players names when they speak from a different server. (SMP) for Survival, and © for Creative. Again, I’m not sure if something like this is already implemented because I have yet to see or talk to players in the Creative server from the SMP server. If it’s already been done then you can completely disregard this post as it shouldn’t be an issue.

I see what you’re saying, I don’t really know what’s going on with it. Creative is also linked up to fatso’s beta server which we use sometimes, I don’t know about the PCB Beta though…

hmmm, i didn’t think about that, i have a solution tho; i think i can make it so only people using the op chat command on the creative can talk to those on the irc/beta, i haven’t tryed it so i dont know if it will cause any problems with cross communicational ability’s but it will stop the chatter from the guests =], ill look into it soon if you want

Edit: this will remove the op chat basically tho, as all messages sent from op chat will be able to be read by everyone on the irc/server, so no discusion of important maters will be able to be had in secret.

Can you add a new command in? like /opchat but maybe /irc?

Ive had limited success with making commands XD, fistbump was about as far as i could go with the knolledge i have, making a IRC command from scratch is beyond me XD

All good ideas, I like the idea of entering a specific command to have the chat broadcasted to other servers. Either way something needs to be done because right now its just annoying having a screen full of text

maybe have a command that can trn on off chat, like /irc chat on/off like with the PVP
;Djust addin my 2 cents worth

I understand the need to have the IRC client from the site to see traffic from both servers, but I don’t think we need those servers to see each other. Is it possible to use two streams so they stay separate, but both link to the site?

Sounds like a good idea.

a man named voidname came into the server and made the sign (i dont know what this means but hard told me to say it and apparently its important so i did it) date 5/17/2011 if your in the us or close to it :stuck_out_tongue:

i told you to make this a topic…

well the chat traffic has diminished significantly so I guess something was done? or attendance on the creative server has dipped for the time being

Opchat on creative is now IRC chat which means only Ops can communicate with SMP however there is no private discussion in-game.

Nice, thats perfect

Wait, what? I didn’t understand your post. Sign… where? Did the sign say 5/17/2011? Please clarify… thanks.