ChaseGDillon - 20th of May, 2016


Minecraft Username ChaseGDillon

Date of Ban 20th of May, 2016
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Asmodean_

Reason for Ban bypassing ban

Reason to be Unbanned All I have done was change my username from SunnyHillsMayor to ChaseGDillon! I have never been banned before. My sister had this account but she gave it to me. I changed the username to SunnyHillsMayor, and she told me to play on this server. I played on the server and liked it. She said that this account has been banned before. I was terrified when she told me that. I changed my username to ChaseGDillon because my friend told me today to do it.

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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You’re also on the same IP as GodTheFarted, who is banned.

I just told you that my sister used this account before she gave it to me. So what should i do about that? My sister quoted minecraft and gave the account to me.

Your ‘sister’ has been a prolific ban evader. The account’s name has been changed 7 times to evade bans. This is probably just another attempt. Also the “it was my sister/brother/goldfish” excuse is certainly the most common, at least try and be creative…

This. You’re not getting unbanned. Also, think of something more believable next time.