NekTM was going about his business when he found a very polite gentleman…

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Sadly, Charlie is no longer with us.


If I may please, everyone listen to this song.

Charlie was one of the greatest friends I ever met and had.

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Unfortunately, he met an untimely end. He was so young, so wild, so free.

Creepers are filled with gunpowder and crunchy leaves. But not Charlie. He was also filled with love.

Never forget.

5 minutes ago - 4/9/11

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Oh Wow this is beautiful! :’( I will share the two pics I took of the occasion. That was a great shot Melatron.

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Gettin frisky in the spring water, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha! Thread of the year right here

Oh god! Melatron, I had not even noticed the implications of my pictures! To think I was in the same water… shudder

I asked why his head was down… Nek said it was because he was a whale.

Sorry to open old wounds (?), but how did he die?

And has this happened since then?

there was another creeper who i think was an offspring of charlie he had the same A.I glitch and we made a hole that he could live in when he was taken away by the minecraft gods (despawned) :’(

Another player was responsible for Charlie’s death. We were having a party with Charlie when a player caused him to get hit. Once hit, he blew up.