Changes to PvP

For various reasons, the PvP system on our server has been revamped. Beginning immediately, PvP is off by default for every player - however, you can opt-in and re-enable it by typing /pvp on. In order to attack a player, both players must have PvP enabled. As usual, PvP is automatically off in official town (spawn and sandy point).

To opt-out, type /pvp off.

Ah, so the opt-in PvP has been implemented. For me that’s good. :slight_smile:

It’s a more efficient solution than parties. I’m hoping this doesn’t get abused mid-way in a duel…

Well if it’s abused they should report it here at the forums.

If 2 people want to fight without worries of cheating, they can ask a Trusted or Op+ to be the middle man and monitor it.

I was the test dummy :smiley:

great im glad this is on as i dont really pvp mutch/atall :slight_smile:

Keep ur awesomness work up andy :slight_smile: