Centralised Train Thread!!!!

Please post any pictures on here inside spoilers so this thread is possible to navigate. I will update this post with any important maps etc posted here.

So how many of these lines actually exist

I dunno bout the others but the Xev MagLev Line is in planning

EDIT : VoltZ isn’t in between Portland and Konin its towards the very edge of the map on the right of Portland
and the line will be connecting to the PCBT green line @ Portland and Konin and the Red Line @ South Konin

As far as I know, only the blue line connecting Ceres and Clarita and the green one connecting Konin and Portland exist. A bunch of other lines are still in early development.

The rail lines that actually exist:


EDIT: Skyrail isn’t complete…

 Here's the PCBt Core Network as of 1/30/2016. It includes all of the lines except JmvRail, Xev, and all other unexplained lines.

PCBt Core Network (1/30/2016):
Made by BroodingSet on http://beno.org.uk/metromapcreator/#. Thanks to Asmodean for link.

SkyRail isn’t quite complete, its about 80% done. But should be done in the next week :slight_smile:

The yellow line is being expanded to new empire :slight_smile: thanks to vra

Currently awaiting confirmation from line planner (Asmodean_). Will add to map when confirmation has been gained.

I’m a say what now?

As a general rule, if there is under 2km gap between the towns, it’s a good idea to connect it. Dynamap is broken for me so I can’t check if it is, but if it is, feel free to do this.