Centralised Name Change Thread!

[size=14pt]To help ease the confusion of the new username changeability, PLEASE POST your old username and brand new username in this thread, so that others can identify you/find out any username changes.

[size=14pt]For example:

My old username was ‘Saintnizair’
It has since been changed to ‘Wairoa’

[size=14pt]Happy name changing!

I doubt people will be confused for me but there:

DuckGyver —> Ducky

GuiboAllon —> Guibo

vaiovista -----> Rebzy

Tired of the username my brother made for me when i was 6 solely based on the computer I had

elemental7turtle----> Turtles

They were! But not as premium accounts. And so they were both freed this morning.

That’s why I was so eager for it!!!

Kurry needs to get Kurry fast as well!

They freed up those non-premium usernames, hence all the good usernames

My new name is Javi and my old one was Javierero :stuck_out_tongue:

Make sure you change your name on the staff list too lol

My account/head isn’t updating for some reason on forums
(Thnx John)

How do you do it, can someone help me? :-\



YoshioTanabe = Amphitryon

After about 20 minutes of going through an old email I registered under and retrieving forgotten passwords for just about everything, I finally have gone through with my switch:

CherryRed > PrinceMark

liam599 --> Petroliam


Johnlh97 --> Johnathan

Boom Bitches.

yes but the cause is not the name change stuff it happened to more ppl. inluding me who didnt change name

theukoctopus --> theoctopus

Wow Liam, just wow…
Also, thx Rebzy for how to change my name. Since I am on youtube, I really wanted to change my name into what my channel is called: AntydoughplaysMC (Not really my channel name, but who gives a shit?)


PS: How long does it take to change the name on the forums?

So many messed up signatures.

I’ll have to remake mine…

I no longer use overwolf <3

Mine is pretty drastic…
penguina -> Penguina

For some reason it still says my Username is javierero when it should be Javi